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TrainingPeaks Partners with Run The Edge

TrainingPeaks has partnered with Run The Edge to provide expert training plans and educational content for cross country and track team coaches.

TrainingPeaks is proud to announce it has partnered with Run The Edge to provide world-class online training plans and educational content to help cross country and track team coaches succeed. Run The Edge was founded by Olympian and eight-time National Champion Adam Goucher and former University of Colorado runner and an accomplished coach Tim Catalano.

Through this partnership, Run The Edge will help bolster the TrainingPeaks Endurance Sports Team Program which provides collegiate and high school teams with training resources, tools and discounts. Run The Edge will develop 12 week run training plans and a library of workouts surrounding elements like drills, team building and sports nutrition strategies to help cross country and track coaches get organized, be efficient, and see results. “Our goal is to use the TrainingPeaks platform to create the most comprehensive coaching plans available,” said Catalano. “Our plans take a 360 degree approach to coaching. From quality workouts to tips and strategies for building a strong program, runners and coaches will keep coming back for more.”

With their experience as elite athletes and coaches, Goucher and Catalano will provide valuable information and training insights that all coaches can benefit from.“TrainingPeaks is a perfect fit for coaches wanting to get the most out of our training plans,” said Goucher. “A coach will be able to meet the needs of each individual runner and build a strong program year after year.”

This partnership solidifies the commitment that TrainingPeaks has made to helping cross country and track teams improve their performance. “We are excited to team up with Run The Edge to bring the world class coaching knowledge of Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano to cross country running teams,” said TrainingPeaks President Dirk Friel. “Their collective racing and coaching experience can be leveraged by any team wanting to step up their game through the TrainingPeaks suite of products.”

Look for more information about the availability of these plans and educational content in May.

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