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TrainingPeaks Announces Integration With TomTom Watches

TomTom sport watches and TrainingPeaks are now compatible, offering an auto-sync integration for easier data transfer.

TomTom sport watches are the newest training devices to offer an automatic sync to TrainingPeaks. This collaboration will allow athletes training systematically with a TomTom watch to seamlessly push their training activities to their TrainingPeaks for tracking and analysis.

Compatibility is based on an automatic data transfer between TomTom MySports, TomTom’s online sports community, and TrainingPeaks. After performing a one-time account connection, data tracked with a TomTom watch is automatically transferred from MySports to your TrainingPeaks account.

“We know the power of data to help people achieve their goals. Which is why at TomTom, we make training data accessible across multiple platforms,” says Mathieu Manson, Product Marketing Manager at TomTom. “We are keen to partner with brands to give people their TomTom MySports data in the way they want it.”

For TrainingPeaks, this continues our focus on creating a seamless user experience. “TomTom products are an excellent option for TrainingPeaks users who are looking to track their swim, bike, and run workouts” said Ben Pryhoda, TrainingPeaks Sr. Director of Product for Device and API Integration. “It is our goal to not only provide world class expert advice and analysis software, but to also create a better athlete experience.”

Link your TomTom MySports account to your TrainingPeaks account

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