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TrainingPeaks Now an Official Sponsor of Northern Arizona Elite

TrainingPeaks sponsors Northern Arizona Elite to provide the best in tracking, analyzing and planning. 

We are happy to announce that TrainingPeaks is now an official sponsor of the Northern Arizona Elite running team. This sponsorship will allow NAZ Elite to leverage the technology and tools provided by TrainingPeaks to get results.  

Using TrainingPeaks, the NAZ Elite coaching staff and athletes will be using TrainingPeaks to track, analyze and plan their workouts. In doing so, they will have a greater ability to analyze training data, provide immediate feedback and drive more structured training. “First and foremost we believe TrainingPeaks will help us become better athletes and I know it will help me become a better coach,” says Coach Ben Rosario. The partnership will also allow NAZ Elite to showcase to the public the training used by the team to achieve results. “We are also excited to provide an unprecedented level of access to our training to fans of the sport.”

The NAZ Elite roster currently includes 2:29 marathoner Stephanie Bruce, national 25k champion Kellyn Johnson and national cross country champion Amy Van Alstine on the women’s side. The men’s team features three-time World Team member Ben Bruce, 2:12 marathoner Jordan Chipangama, 1:01 half marathoner Matt Llano and two-time SEC champion Eric Fernandez.

TrainingPeaks co-founder Dirk Friel is excited to support the team. “We have always been focused on helping endurance athletes reach their performance goals,” said Friel. “NAZ Elite is a great example of coaches and athletes working smart and hard to get the most from their potential. We are happy to support NAZ Elite and look forward to seeing them get results.”

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