Tour of California Stage 3 Power Analysis


View Chaves’ full file here. 

Esteban Chaves (Orica-GreenEDGE) finished a very respectable 8th place in the third stage of the Tour of California which ended on the above category climb Mt Diablo. By looking at Chaves’ SRM power file we can see exactly what it took to be a part of the final 11-man group. The answer- 5.1 w/kg. That’s what it takes to climb with the worlds best riders in the Tour of California. To see what that means for yourself multiply 5.1 times your weight and kilograms and that’s how many watts you’d have to produce to make the final selection on stage 3.

Most category 1 riders can maybe ride at that pace for about 10 minutes. Chavez averaged 289w for 41 minutes on the final climb. His speed was 25kph and his normalized power was 300w when we take into account all of the accelerations in and out of corners and the attacks. In fact there were several 4-5 minute stretches on the last climb where Chavez averaged well over 300w. Given the tactics of the day we can estimate that the are leader, Bradley Wiggins (Team Sky) probably averaged closer to just below 6.0 w/kg given the headwind on the climb and that he rode on the front of the group for nearly the whole climb.