The Benefits of TrainingPeaks Mobile for Coaches


Recently, we relaunched our new native iOS and Android mobile apps for your phone and tablet. Are you harnessing the power and opportunity the mobile apps provide you as a coach? If not, here are some reasons why you should download our app (besides the fact that it’s totally free).

You no longer need to be tied down to your computer or tethered to an internet connection to monitor and communicate with your clients.

The mobile apps allow you to access to your clients’ TrainingPeaks accounts no matter where you are. On our new iOS and Android apps, you can see your clients’ weekly trends with new Dashboard charts that show planned vs. completed distance, duration and TSS; as well as how they’re splitting their time between sports. You’ll also be able to open up their workouts and immediately add post-workout comments wherever you are. Going mobile is definitely the trend with software and applications these days. It is just too convenient and a great way to check in on things when you are “on the go”.

With the addition of workout libraries, you’ll be able to quickly plan or edit workouts from your mobile device.

If you are out and get a call from a client and the need arises to quickly adjust their schedule, simply launch your TrainingPeaks mobile app, load the client in question, add or open a workout, then load your workout libraries to make these changes on the fly. No need to wait until you get home or can stop to find a WiFi hotspot.

TrainingPeaks mobile enables your clients to take your workouts wherever they go.

In addition to the Mobile Apps being a great, convenient tool for you as a coach, encourage your clients to download it as well. While we offer you the power to check in and make changes to your client’s schedules, they have the same power in their hands to check their schedule and record their workouts, metrics and comments as well. No need to write down the intervals you prescribed on their hand or print it out; they can pop their phone in their pocket and take your instruction with them.

A quick note concerning Nutrition Tracking. We’re re-inventing how we do nutrition, and as we go through that process, we didn’t want to hold up the rest of the great functionality we have ready for the workout side of things. With this, the ability to add to or track Nutrition is no longer available in the iOS and Android mobile apps. Meals are currently displayed in the mobile app, but to view meal details, add foods to a meal, or record post meal comments remotely, have your clients use their mobile device.

(Did I mention that the TrainingPeaks mobile apps are FREE as well?)

Remember, the Coach Edition offers you a huge toolkit that you can call upon as needed. Definitely add the TrainingPeaks mobile app into your arsenal of tools to help you, help your clients to achieve and even exceed their goals!

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Stephen Hancock

Stephen "BD" Hancock leads the TrainingPeaks Coach Edition Sales Team. He was TrainingPeaks' first employee. and in his past 10 years with the company, he has been the coaches' first point of contact, introducing them to the Coach Edition and educating them on how to best integrate the Coach Edition into their business – no matter how big or small.' He began racing Triathlons in 1988, racing all distances, and coaching as well.

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