5 Features You Should Know About in the New TrainingPeaks


The new TrainingPeaks is full of features and updates that make it easier and faster to use. This list briefly outlines how each feature works, and how using them will make your tracking, planning and analyzing a better experience. We will keep you updated with new features as they roll out, so keep following the TrainingPeaks blog for the latest updates. If you have questions or want more details on these features visit our TrainingPeaks Help Center.

Infinite Scrolling

The new infinite scrolling lets you see as far into the future as you want just by scrolling down.

Greater Dashboard Customization

All charts in the Dashboard can now be given custom date ranges and names for better organization. View the same chart over different date ranges to compare seasons or races.

View a Workout in the Performance Management Chart

In the PMC, you can now click on the data point window to open the workout from that day. This makes it easier to spot outliers and review the data.

Individual QuickView Charts

In the QuickView, the icons on the left represent individual charts showing completed versus planned workout metrics, map and graph, power, heart rate, and speed values. One click lets you switch between charts.

Fix Data Channels

When you see data that you think is inaccurate, use the raw data to fix those segments.