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Speedwork For Ultra Runners


Incorporating these four types of speed workouts into your ultra training can help you gain efficiency, prevent injury and gain important metabolic efficiencies heading into your next race.


How to Make the Jump from Marathons to Ultras


This guide will show you what to expect and how to change your training as you make the jump from marathons to ultramarathons.

Training for Both a Marathon and an Ultra Marathon


Training for a marathon and an ultra marathon in the same season can be tricky. Hal offers his advice on how to continue training after running 26.2 miles in order to run a successful 38 mile ultra marathon.

Learn From the Pros: 3 Tips for Amateur Athletes


Pros know very well that the best equipment won’t take them anywhere without conquering the major gains in performance, which are the result of years of training and hard work. Iñigo San Millán suggests 3 things that pros do that amateurs can learn from.

Finding an Ultramarathon Plan


Smart runners training for Ultras do not necessarily run more weekly miles than what might be called Normal People, but they wisely package their miles, doing two long runs on the weekend: a short long run followed by a long, long run.

The Benefits of Cross Country Training for All Runners


Fall means the start of cross country season. Not just for high school and collegiate athletes, all runners can benefit from the training that is needed to take on a cross country course.

The Unlikely Ultrarunner: Shana LeNeveu’s Transformation


Growing up, Shana LeNeveu suffered from severe asthma, and was told that she would never run. Last year Shana completed her first 100-mile ultramarathon. Here's how she made her transformation.

Webinar: Transitioning from 26.2 to Beyond


You've tackled 5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2 and now you want to go even longer. Where do you start? This webinar will introduce you to the basic concepts of training for an ultramarathon and specifically deal with the transition from marathon training to beyond 26.2.

Six Things to Consider if You Want to Run an Ultramarathon


More and more people are turning to ultramarathons as the next frontier. If you too find yourself curious about the world of ultrarunning, here are some things to consider about going over 26.2.