CoachCast: Kona Race Day with Lance Watson


First, Dave discusses updated race conditions with Ryan Cooper. Then, Lance Watson joins the discussion to share lessons from his 30+ years of experience coaching triathletes to Kona.

Coaching Race Weight

Coaching “Race Weight” Intelligently: A Case Study


Considering athlete weight in relation to performance is important when planning and executing training. But, where is the line between an increase in performance and encouraging an athlete to adopt unhealthy behaviors?

CoachCast: Kona Preparation with Simon Ward


The IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii is right around the corner, and athletes across the world are busy preparing. The CoachCast takes a closer look at the weather conditions expected at this year's race and discusses preparing for the challenge with Coach Simon Ward.

CoachCast: Coaching Advice with Joe Friel


  Joe Friel knows that you always get more than you give Joe Friel has always given back to the endurance sports community he loves, but it was only when he faced an illness that left him on a training hiatus that he sat down to write the first of his many books. Since then, […]

Triathlon Race-Week Checklists


You've done all the hard work, but the two weeks before your triathlon can be make-or-break. Here are the checklists you'll need to minimize the unknowns.

Openwater swimming

9 Reasons Why Pool Speed May Not Translate to Openwater


It's tough to transition to open water swimming after months of training in the pool. Coach Dan Bullock explains some of the main reasons why athletes may not see their pool speed transition to the open water.

IRONMAN Time Management Strategies


Training for an IRONMAN is daunting, and you may be wondering where you'll find the time to master three sports while balancing life. Here are five tips to get you started.

CoachCast: Ryan Cooper and BestBikeSplit


Dave Schell talks with Ryan Cooper, Best Bike Split co-founder and chief scientist, about how the incredibly accurate model was developed and how to use it in your racing.

VIDEO: GTN Presents- How to Do a Post-Race Analysis


In the latest episode of Triathlon Training Explained, they discuss how to do a proper post-race analysis, and why doing them after both good and bad races is vital to performance success.

Sweat and hydration

GTN Presents: Sweat Testing and Hydration


In this episode of GTN’s “Triathlon Training Explained,” they look at hydration and show how sweat tests work and how helpful they can be for delivering actionable insights about your race day hydration strategy.

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