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How to Break One Hour in the IRONMAN Swim


With these key workouts, regular assessment testing and the right race-day strategy, you too can break one hour in the IRONMAN swim.

Why Triathletes Should Learn Multiple Swim Strokes


While most triathletes never bother to learn butterfly or breaststroke, there are many benefits—including injury prevention and an improved freestyle technique— to focusing on other competitive swim strokes. Here’s how to get started.

Early Season Speed Part 3: When to Begin Incorporating Swim Speed Work


Contrary to your running and cycling training, swim speed work during the early season should be kept at a minimum until you've spent a solid block of time focusing on technique and pacing.

How to Perfect Your Flip Turn for Faster Swimming


Learning how to flip turn correctly will speed you up in the water and help simulate the non-stop swimming triathletes encounter during an open-water swim.

Off-Season Speed Part 2: 5 Reasons You’re Not Swimming Any Faster


If you find yourself struggling to improve your swim speed despite lots of hours in the pool, focus on one or more of these five common swim mistakes for optimal performance.

Technical Endurance Swimming Part 2: Critical Slow Speed Swimming


Learning proper pacing using slow, solid technique work is one of the best ways to improve your efficiency in the water so you can swim faster in a race with less effort.

Best of the Best Part 1: The Top Multisport Articles of 2016


As 2016 draws to a close, we look back at our best multisport articles throughout the year in part one of our year-in-review series.

Technical Endurance Swimming Part 1: Swim Slow to Go Fast


Now is the time for slowing down your swim stroke so you can master the technique and endurance necessary for big speed gains next year.

Is Bilateral Breathing Essential For Triathletes?


Your breathing pattern during the swim can affect many different things. Coach Heather Hagan Casey explains what bi lateral breathing is, and why it is a technique that every triathlete should master.

How Swimming, Biking, and Running Cultivates Self-Reliance


Endurance sports do more than just improve your physical health. Training and racing also brings a sense of satisfaction after a job well done. Brad Stulberg explains how endurance sports impact your sense of accomplishment and happiness.

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