Heavy Lifting for Endurance Athletes


Lifting heavy weights to improve endurance performance might seem counterintuitive, but it can benefit distance athletes more than you might think.

Five Ways Runners Can Benefit From Deadlifting


When runners think of strength training, many go straight to the squat. But the deadlift is actually a more effective exercise that can be less disruptive to your training.

Why, When, and How to Use A Foam Roller


While nothing can quite replicate a good sports massage, you can enjoy many of the same benefits at home (or between massages) with a foam roller. 

Excuses We’ve All Used to Skip Weight Training


Weight training has amazing endurance benefits, but we tend to skip it anyway. Read this article to get motivated the next time you're feeling lazy.

Should Endurance Athletes Do Plyometric Training?


We all know plyometrics are good for increasing explosive power. But can "jump training" help endurance athletes as well?

strength and mobility

Are Strength and Mobility Holding You Back?


Find out if mobility and strength imbalances are limiting your performance, and try these two easy stretches to help unlock your potential.

A Firsthand Account of Rotator Cuff Injury and Prevention


Find out what happens after a rotator cuff injury, and how to prevent it happening to you. Spoiler: shoulder strength and mobility are key.

glutes firing

Your Glutes Are Firing, I Promise


Have you ever been told that your glutes are not firing? This common explanation for injuries and gait issues has become overused and oversimplified; if your glutes were not firing, you would not be able to walk upright!

core runner

The Best Core Exercises for Runners


Getting that six-pack has the added benefit of making you a faster, more efficient runner. Here are the exercises you need to have your strongest core ever.

tight hip stretches

Five New Moves to Relieve Tight Hips


Between training and sitting at a desk, many athletes suffer from hip tightness. This can manifest in many ways, from low back pain to decreased power and performance. These simple moves will help address the surrounding musculature of your hips, increasing strength and mobility for the long run.

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