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VIDEO: Endurance Roundup – Single Leg Movements


In the first Endurance Strength Roundup video series, D3 Multisport’s Laura Marcoux goes over two important single leg movements designed to strengthen your pedal stroke and running efficiency.


Functional Training: How to Strength Train for Movement, Not Muscle


By performing these functional training exercises regularly, you can train your body for more efficient movement during all three triathlon disciplines, while also reducing your injury risk and improving your power output.


Integrating Strength Work During Race Season


Strength work is a valuable part of your training regimen both as a way to improve power output and for preventing injuries. Here’s a guide for how to continue to reap the benefits of strength work even during racing season.

Best of the Best Part 4: The Top Strength Training Articles of 2016


While the sight of endurance athletes in the weight room used to be a scarce occurrence, nowadays professionals and amateurs alike have learned that hitting the steel, especially during the off-season and the build phases of their training, is a smart way to gain explosive speed and stay injury free.

Strength and Flexibility Exercises for the Indoor Training Season


Indoor cycling is an efficient way to train, however it lacks many of the sport-specific movements of outdoor riding and can lead to overuse injuries and muscle imbalances. These eight bodyweight exercises will counteract these imbalances and help keep you pain free all winter long.

Yoga and Meditation to Train Your Brain for Next Level Performances


Frank Overton of FasCat Coaching shares how you can take your performance to the next level with yoga and meditation.

Advanced Strength Training Techniques for Endurance Athletes


Once you have established a base of strength training experience, you will be ready for more advanced movements. Heather Blackmon explains how you can take your strength training to the next level.

Strength Training Exercises for Triathletes


Strength training can help triathletes avoid injury and perform at a higher level. Coach Allie Burdick explains why this is a great time of year to start your strength training program and recommends some exercises to get you started.

Identifying Movement Imbalances At Home


Every athlete has imbalances, but identifying them on your own can be difficult. Coach Heather Hagan outlines movements you can do to pinpoint your own imbalances and exercises to correct them.

Transferring Strength From the Gym to The Road for Triathletes


Building your strength in the weight room is only as effective as your ability to transfer that strength to swimming, biking, and running. Kelly Fillnow and Daniel Payseur explain how your strength training and triathlon training should be similar and give you sample workouts to follow.

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