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How to Race Your First Sprint Triathlon In 12 Weeks


How to develop the mental habits needed to start on a solid training plan and conquer your first sprint triathlon in less than three months.

Why Triathletes Should Learn Multiple Swim Strokes


While most triathletes never bother to learn butterfly or breaststroke, there are many benefits—including injury prevention and an improved freestyle technique— to focusing on other competitive swim strokes. Here’s how to get started.

All-Out Miracle Intervals to Improve Average Power for Endurance Events


These high-intensity, short duration intervals are a great way to increase your power output and increase motor unit activation compared to endurance training alone.

SRS: The Ultimate Tool For Triathlete Time Management


In order to find balance between your training and the rest of your life, you must be willing to let certain things fall below the "Suck Line."'s Meredith Atwood explains how.

6 Steps to Follow When Planning Your Next Triathlon Season


With thousands of races to choose from, finding the right triathlon can be an overwhelming task. Use these 6 steps to narrow down your search and choose the right races for your next season.

5 Ways For Beginner Triathletes to Get Faster


Many triathletes are hooked on the sport after their first race and wonder how they can improve their training and upgrade their equipment. These five tips from Allie Burdick will help you decide what changes you can make to take your training and racing to the next level.

Using Brick Workouts in Triathlon Training


For triathletes, brick workouts are a great way to perform race specific training. Coach Heather Blackmon explains what a brick workout is and how you can use them to prepare for race day.

Becoming a Balanced Swimmer


Many triathletes fall into two categories when it comes to their swim training. Either they focus on technique or volume. Coach Bart Rolet identifies the deficiencies in both of these approaches and gives you ways to balance your training to become faster.

Incorporating a Single Sport Focus into Your Triathlon Training


For triathletes, trying to make gains in three sports at once can be difficult. Instead, coach Lance Watson suggests triathletes would benefit from a phase of single sport focused training. Learn how to structure these phases and why now is a good time to start your new emphasis.

Overcoming Your Fear of Open Water Swimming


Neuroscience holds the clues to why open water swimming scares many of us. It also tells us how to do something about it. You can train your brain to swim fearless.

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