Coaching Race Weight

Coaching “Race Weight” Intelligently: A Case Study


Considering athlete weight in relation to performance is important when planning and executing training. But, where is the line between an increase in performance and encouraging an athlete to adopt unhealthy behaviors?

CoachCast: Mental Toughness with Joanna Zeiger


Dave sat down with Joanna Zeiger, triathlete World Champion, Olympian, the author of The Champion Mindset: An Athlete's Guide to Mental Toughness, and distinguished researcher in the field of mental toughness, to discuss her journey as an athlete and how it inspired her to help other athletes reach their goals.

Online Athlete Motivation

9 Ways to Motivate Online Athletes


Coach Mackenzie Madison walks through nine ways you can better motivate your online athletes to train better and reach their goals faster.

Fun in Training

Smiles and Miles: 4 Strategies to Prescribe Training That is More Fun


Are your athletes struggling to make it to the next workout or hitting a plateau? Coach Joe Maloy has some advice on mixing up their routines and scheduling bright spots into the training plan.


The 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself After a Bad Race


Everyone has a bad race now and then. When it happens to you, it's easy to get frustrated and feel like everything went wrong, so here are five questions to help you learn from your bad race, and make the next one better.

image of runners staging with pre-race nerves

8 Simple Tips for Calming Pre-Race Nerves


When you’ve done so much hard work for a single day, it’s easy to succumb to the stress and anxiety of performing. These simple tips for calming pre-race nerves will help you stay positive, calm, and in the moment in the lead up to race day.


Exercise as Therapy: How to Plan Training and Racing For an Athlete Going Through a Crisis


Exercise as therapy can be a valuable tool for an athlete going through a crisis. Here is how to identify a possible personal crisis in your athlete’s life, and how to provide them with the support and training they need to help them cope, recover and thrive.


Your Guide To Becoming The Best Remote Coach Possible


Remote coaching is stronger and more popular than ever. Here are seven tips to ensure you’re coaching most effectively while overseeing athletes both near and far.


TrainingPeaks Brings the Endurance Coaching Summit to the U.K.


Registration has opened for the 2018 ECS Manchester, which will be held November 8 - 9, 2018 in partnership with British Cycling and British Triathlon and headlined by IRONMAN® legend Chrissie Wellington.


TrainingPeaks Success Story: The Data-Driven Athlete Finds Balance


How this data-obsessed triathlete learned how to tackle a more holistic approach to his data-driven training, thanks to the right coach.

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