How to Best Prepare for the Endurance Mountain Bike Racing Season


Endurance mountain bike racing season is about to begin, so here is how to improve your endurance, strength and speed off-road so your training is in line with your performance goals.

How Road Cyclists Can Use Off-Road Riding to Get Stronger


Getting off the road and hitting the dirt can improve your bike handling skills, build explosive power and increase pedaling efficiency.

Is Running Good for a Cyclist?


While running uses different types of muscle recruitment, depending on the type of riding you do it can be a valuable addition to your early season training when applied correctly.

Why Cycling is Bad for Bone Density and How You Can Improve It


Coach Tracy Christensen explains why cycling is bad for your bones and how you can improve your bone density without interrupting your current training program.

Preparing For a Key Cyclocross Race Early in the Season


Preparing for the first cyclocross race of the season takes a lot of planning, especially when it is a key race. See how pro cyclocross racer Rebecca Fahringer and her coach Kyle Wolfe created and executed a long term plan to achieve her goal.

10 Performance Benefits of Off-Season Weight Loss for Mountain Bikers


Weighing less has many benefits for mountain bikers on race day. Coach Lynda Wallenfels has ten reasons why off season weight loss will help you when it’s time to ramp up your training.

WKO4 Case Study: A Former Pro Mountain Biker Regains His Fitness


Returning to the sport of mountain biking after 10 years away, Adam Bucklin had to lose weight and train hard to meet his new goals. Using WKO4, Coach Tim Cusick showed Bucklin what was possible and helped him train properly to make amazing progress.

The Top 5 Fitness Benefits of Racing Cyclocross


More and more cyclists are thinking about picking up the sport of cyclocross. Besides being fun, there are other great reasons to get started in this off-beat sport. Coach Jim Rutberg outlines five benefits of racing cyclocross, giving you more reasons to get started this year.

Mountain Bike Training for Masters Riders


Getting old happens, but slowing down in your 40’s doesn’t have to happen too. Mountain Bike coach Lynda Wallenfels explains the training changes masters age athletes should make to keep shredding the trails fast and furiously.

How to Prepare for a 50-Mile Mountain Bike Race


Racing 50 miles on a mountain bike takes dedication and commitment to your training. Here are seven tips from coach Taylor Thomas to help you be ready to reach your goals.

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