heat adaptations

How IRONMAN Racers Prepare For Kona’s Punishing Climate


When you go to race Kona, the heat is going to punch you in the mouth— whether it happens in training or on race day is up to you.

IRONMAN Time Management Strategies


Training for an IRONMAN is daunting, and you may be wondering where you'll find the time to master three sports while balancing life. Here are five tips to get you started.


How to Dial-in Your Race Specific Triathlon Training


A well-structured training plan will progress through multiple phases, each designed to elicit specific physiological adaptations, becoming increasingly more specific to the upcoming race. Here’s how to dial-in your race specific triathlon training so you or your athlete can be best prepared for the demands of race day.

How to Use TSS® To Prepare For an IRONMAN


By planning your IRONMAN training using TSS, you can eliminate guesswork, simplify your training and greatly improve the probability of reaching the start line with the fitness and confidence to have your best performance.


Dave Scott’s Optimal IRONMAN Recovery Plan


The six-time IRONMAN world champion details the optimal IRONMAN recovery plan for athletes of all levels and finishing times.


Dave Scott’s Perfect IRONMAN World Championship Taper


The six-time IRONMAN world champion outlines the perfect IRONMAN World Championship taper so you can arrive on the Kona start line (or any other IRONMAN starting line) ready to give it your all.


Your IRONMAN Preparation Checklist


From what questions to ask to what simulation workouts to complete, preparing for a successful IRONMAN means doing your homework early and often.


5 Tips to Maximize Your Final IRONMAN Race Preparation


Whether you’ve got time to spare or you’re racing to the start line, proper pre-race planning is essential. Here are the five areas to focus on in order to maximize your IRONMAN race week.


Debunked: 5 Incorrect Assumptions People Make About Training for an IRONMAN


Don’t let one of these common misconceptions about IRONMAN training keep you from toeing the line.


3 Signs You’re Ready to Do An IRONMAN


When the time comes in your triathlon career to decide if you’re ready for an IRONMAN, consider these three factors when making your decision.

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