5 Tips For Racing a Fall Marathon


A fall marathon is a great way to use all that spring and summer fitness. Make yours a great one by planning ahead with these five tips.

Training in the Grey Zone: How to Avoid the Zone 3 Plateau


If you find yourself struggling to improve your run performance despite consistently tough training sessions, chances are you are in the dreaded Zone 3 plateau. Here’s how to bust out of this rut, avoid overtraining and reach your running potential.


Improve Your Training Intensity Balance with Structured Workouts


A training plan will not deliver the results you want if the workouts you do are different from the workouts prescribed. Our new structured workouts make it easier for athletes to do every part of every session at the right intensity and reap the full benefits of 80/20 training.

5 Common Mistakes When Training for a Half or Full Marathon


Training for a full or half marathon takes dedication and discipline, but listening to advice from those who have been through it before can help you avoid mistakes that will hold you back. Allie Burdick has been running for almost 20 years and has her list of top five mistakes to avoid as you prepare to reach your goals.

Using the Pacing Project to Set a Half Marathon Personal Record


No matter what the distance, pacing your run properly can mean the difference between reaching your goal or falling short. With The Pacing Project, you can create the right strategy for race day. Coach Dave Schell shares his story of how he used The Pacing Project to help his athlete succeed.

How to Train for Your First Half Marathon


For runners taking on their first Half marathon, the challenge can seem overwhelming. Coach Allie Burdick identifies four key elements of preparation and what you should and should not do to be prepared on race day.

Moving Up From the 10k to Half Marathon


After a successful 10k, one runner wants to know if he can start Hal’s 12 week Novice 1 program at the six week mark and still be ready for a Half marathon.

Finding Your Perfect Half Marathon Pace


The best strategy seems to be to relax for the early miles and be willing to give away a minute or two off perfect pace, knowing you can regain lost time as crowds around you begin to thin.

Should I Race Back-To-Back Half Marathons?


Hal helps a runner who trained for, and completed, a half marathon but has since decided to do another. His advice will help her finish the second half marathon.

Racing a Half Marathon and Full Marathon Back-to-Back


The Goofy Challenge at Disney World requires racing a half marathon and full marathon back-to-back. If you're training for this event you'll want to check out Hal Higdon's intermediate and advanced training plans.

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