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How to Prepare for a Century Ride


Whether it’s your first century or your 20th, many of the same training rules apply. However, depending on the type of rider you are (say a weekend warrior versus a mostly indoor session-only type), you may have to prioritize certain types of workouts in order to prepare in the most efficient way possible.

Diagnosing and Correcting Pedaling Asymmetry Using WKO4


Whether due to injury or biomechanics, pedaling asymmetries can be diagnosed and their treatments monitored by using the powerful analytics of WKO4 software as shown in the following case studies.

How Zwift Academy, TrainingPeaks and the CANYON//SRAM Racing Team are Modernizing Talent Identification Programs


When 38-year-old Leah Thorvilson—a former elite marathon runner with relatively little cycling experience—joined the 2016 Zwift Academy, she was simply looking for a way to rehab from surgery. What she got instead was a pro cycling contract and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Power Analysis: Cannondale-Drapac’s Will Clarke at Milan San Remo


In his first Milan San Remo, Cannondale-Drapac’s Will Clarke managed to get in the main break early on and stay in it for most of this grueling, 291-kilometer long spring classic. Here’s an inside look into what his power file tells us about his race.

How to Prepare for the Start of Racing Season


Now that racing season is right around the corner, honing in on the right plan is key for training the right way so that you show up on race day in the best shape possible.

What Are VO2max Estimates From Workouts and What Can They Tell Us?


With more and more products offering VO2max estimates, it’s important to learn how they work and which ones will give you the most accurate data on your athlete’s fitness levels and race-readiness.

How Road Cyclists Can Use Off-Road Riding to Get Stronger


Getting off the road and hitting the dirt can improve your bike handling skills, build explosive power and increase pedaling efficiency.


3 High-Cadence Cycling Workouts for Base Training


High-cadence cycling can enhance your cardiovascular fitness and save your legs during long training sessions. Here are three different types of high-cadence workouts to include in your base training.

All-Out Miracle Intervals to Improve Average Power for Endurance Events


These high-intensity, short duration intervals are a great way to increase your power output and increase motor unit activation compared to endurance training alone.

Early Season Speed Part 2: When to Begin Incorporating Bike Speed Work


By adding speed work, or more accurately threshold work into your training now, you can improve your ability to pace yourself more efficiently. Here are some tips on how to do it.

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