Is More Cushioning Better For Long Distance Running Shoes?


When you're upping your miles, you might notice some more aches and pains. But are more cushioned shoes the answer? Some studies suggest otherwise.

Five Ways Runners Can Benefit From Deadlifting


When runners think of strength training, many go straight to the squat. But the deadlift is actually a more effective exercise that can be less disruptive to your training.

Why, When, and How to Use A Foam Roller


While nothing can quite replicate a good sports massage, you can enjoy many of the same benefits at home (or between massages) with a foam roller. 

Fitness Testing for Triathletes—How Do You Measure Up?


You can't improve what you can't measure. Try these fitness tests for every sport to make sure your training is on track.

Data Analysis: Shaving 30 Minutes Off A Marathon PR


See what a PR-shattering season looks like, by the numbers. Coach Andrew Simmons gives us a season-long view on what it takes to see huge results.

Three Workouts for Runners to Guarantee Race Success


Can a workout really guarantee success? Maybe not, but these are three simple interval workouts every serious runner should have in their arsenal.

Best Stretches for Time-Crunched Cyclists


Stretching is especially important for cyclists, who spend hours in a fixed position. Here are some poses that pull double duty, for busy days.

kate courtney world champion

See Kate Courtney’s XCO World-Championship Winning Power File


A look at Kate Courtney's winning power file from the 2018 World Championships in Lenzerheide Switzerland. The young American credits pacing and a cool head for her incredible victory.


How This Triathlete Shaved a Full Hour Off His IRONMAN Time


With some focused preparation and a new nutrition plan, this age-grouper beat his first IRONMAN time by a whole hour. And it only took him a year to do it.

short distance running

5 Reasons Long-Distance Runners Should Race Short Distances Too


Even ultra marathoners can benefit from training for and racing shorter distances. Find out why and how to integrate shorter runs into your schedule.

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