The Importance of Easy Run Days


Easy runs are an important component of your weekly mileage and not to be overlooked. Follow these four steps to ensure you make the most of your easy run days.

What Should Runners Look For in a Training Plan?


Finding the right run training plan involves finding a long-term strategy that will adjust accordingly as you head down the road toward the starting line.

The 5 Different Types of Hill Work You Should Be Doing Now


There are mechanical and physiological benefits to hill work, but not all hills are created equal. Here's your guide to different types of incline work and how to incorporate it into your running program.

Higdon’s Run Fast Series Part 3: Fast-Twitch Versus Slow-Twitch Muscles


The final installment of our three-part series from legendary coach Hal Higdon on how to unlock your potential on the run.

Higdon’s Run Fast Series Part 2: Race Day Speed Strategies


The second in our three-part series from legendary coach Hal Higdon on how to unlock your potential on the run.

Finding Your Perfect Run Cadence


Your run cadence is critical to your ability to run fast, efficient, and pain free. Learn from coach Allie Burdick what the correct range is and how you can improve your run cadence.

How to Salvage a Bad Workout


Not every workout goes according to plan. Sometimes you need to make decision to alter a workout or stop altogether. These tips will help you make the most of those days when you feel a little off.

5 Steps for Training with a Less Experienced Partner


Running with another runner is a great way to stay motivated. However, sometimes that person may be a bit slower or less experienced than you are. These five steps from Stratton Lawrence will help you get in the training you need while staying with your partner.

Is Speedwork Necessary for Your First Marathon?


When training for your first marathon, it can be difficult to know how much speed work to incorporate. Use the advice from Hal Higdon to make your training as effective as possible.

3 Keys to the Preparation Phase for Runners


Before your first running races of the season, you must transition from from base training to a race preparation phase. Coach Nick Radkewich explains how you can use form drills, intervals, and race simulations during this phase to be prepared.

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