The Best of 2017: Our Top 5 Running Articles


From the top habits of successful marathoners to the ultimate speed treadmill session, here are our top running articles from 2017.


Simple Tips to Help You Run a Faster 10K (Without Running on the Track)


If your track sessions are falling short, here are some new twists on training to help you run a faster 10K.

The Ultimate Interval Treadmill Session To Improve Speed and Beat Boredom


This workout relies on short, high-intensity intervals at a high incline coupled with generous rest, and is guaranteed to improve your speed by stimulating your neuromuscular system.

Why Runners Should Extend Their Training Cycle


Most runners use a seven day training cycle when preparing for an event. However, there is no inherent reason to stick with a standard week. Coach Allie Burdick suggests adding two days to your training cycle to help you get more from your training.

Is Speedwork Necessary for Your First Marathon?


When training for your first marathon, it can be difficult to know how much speed work to incorporate. Use the advice from Hal Higdon to make your training as effective as possible.

Moving Up From the 10k to Half Marathon


After a successful 10k, one runner wants to know if he can start Hal’s 12 week Novice 1 program at the six week mark and still be ready for a Half marathon.

Tips and Workouts to Prepare for Your First Running Race of the Season


The first running races of the season are around the corner, so make sure you are ready. Use these tips and workouts from coach Bob Mittleman to set up the right plan and start your season right.

How To Get Started Using a Heart Rate Monitor


Training with a heart rate monitor is a great way to begin using objective data to track your fatigue, fitness, and ensure that you are progressing. These tips from expert coaches will help you get started with the basics of using your heart rate monitor.

Planning the Run Season From General to Specific


Many coaches look at the base period as a time of easy paced miles to build a large base for the coming season. However, Coach Jeff Boele believes that a higher fitness level can be achieved by incorporating more pace specific work. Learn more about how you can incorporate his methods in your coaching.

Using the Track to Learn How to Properly Pace Your Run


Using the track is a great way to improve your ability to pace yourself correctly. Use this workout from Todd Parker to help you get in touch with the right pace for you.

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