Archived: Should You Subscribe to TrainingPeaks Premium or Buy WKO+?


A question we often hear and see in forums is, “Should I buy a Premium subscription to, or should I get TrainingPeaks WKO+?” In our view, the two products are complementary – while now offers many of the analytical features of WKO+, they are not simply “desktop” and “online” versions of one another. In a nutshell, is a web-based tool for planning and general analysis, WKO+ is offline desktop software for deep data analysis. For some people, it will make sense to subscribe to TrainingPeaks Premium; for others, to buy a WKO+ license. And for some people it definitely makes sense to have both. So we’ve decided to break it down and help you make your purchasing decision.

Does this sound like you?

  • Stacked graph view on WKO+You want fast and powerful offline analysis of your (or your athletes’) power data.
  • You want more ability to customize your analytics and overlay different data types on custom charts to give even deeper insights into your training and race performance. This makes your heart rate increase: the thought of being able to put your Peak 20 Minute Power values over the last year on your TSS chart so you can see the training load your body best responds to. Or adding your Peak 1 Minute Power to your Performance Management Chart so that you can see when you are fresh enough for another record (only available on WKO+).
  • You love to be highly precise in your analysis and zoom into the details of each channel (HR, power, cadence, etc.) and segment. Thus you’d like to see your ride shown on a “stacked” graph (WKO+ only) so you can use your whole screen to view the ride. You also want to be able to smooth your graphs to see overall trends.
  • You want to be able to overlay power data from different workouts on top of each other for deep comparisons (Multi-File Range Analysis is only on WKO+).
  • You are a serious coach and you want to be able to create custom charts that are specific to your athlete’s unique needs, so you can take a glance at the charts and get “the whole picture”. For example you may want to correlate at what Training Stress Balance (TSB) the athlete needs to create Peak wattage values (overlaying Peak Power values over the PMC).
  • You want to be able to log your workouts, but you don’t need particularly complex planning capabilities – you’re getting a plan through some other means.
  • Sometimes you want to be able to cut & combine separate files into one (only available on WKO+).
  • You have no interest in sharing your training with anyone else.
  • You want to keep all your data on your own computer.
  • You don’t want to pay a subscription.
  • You are a total engineer, computer geek, data slave and – and you must have more numbers!

If so, you should buy TrainingPeaks WKO+. 

Does this sound like you?

  • Calendar view on TrainingPeaks.comYou love to plan your workouts ahead of time to stay motivated and on track.
  • You like to organize your work life and your workout life on a single calendar (you can sync your calendar with your Outlook, iCal or Google calendars).
  • You appreciate having your data in the cloud so you always have access to it from anywhere.
  • You love data but don’t want to spend your nights analyzing every inch of every workout – the charts that are available on the TrainingPeaks Dashboard suit your purposes just fine, and you won’t ever want to create custom charts (see all available charts).
  • You want to know you are improving and making progress towards your goal, in a more general and high level sense.
  • You are a coach, and you want to stay in close communication with your athletes, as well as have an efficient means of delivering your training plans and getting their real-time feedback on how each workout went.
  • You like following a structured plan toward a specific goal, and you want to be able to use a web-based training plan with a built-in training log and analytics tools.
  • You want to be able to view and update your workouts, meals or metrics on a mobile app.
  • You like to share key workouts with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • You want to get daily emails with your assigned workouts.

If so, you should subscribe to TrainingPeaks Premium.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are very serious about your training and you just want “the best” – the best tracking, analysis and planning tools available in the market.
  • You want to upload your data so your coach can view it; or
  • You are a coach who needs the ability to plan for the your clients, scale for efficiency and grow your business with all the tools included in a TrainingPeaks coach account. But you would also benefit from being able to analyze data offline and not be at the mercy of your Internet connection.
  • You want to see your WKO+ data on any machine in the world with a simple log-in – WKO+ will sync to TrainingPeaks.
  • You want to be able to safeguard your data in the cloud in case something happens to your computer.
  • You want to be able to plan your training out and also have deep analysis tools after your rides/runs/swims that you can dive into as deep as you want.
  • You bought a TrainingPeaks web-based training plan and want to be able to access the Premium features in TrainingPeaks along with reviewing your data off-line.
  • You like to plan your training using the VirtualCoach and you also love the custom charts in WKO+.
  • You enjoy looking back year over year at how you trained in the past.
  • You want to take a comprehensive year-long approach to your racing season – tracking, analyzing and planning each aspect of your training.

If so, you should get both TrainingPeaks Premium and WKO+.

Whether you ultimately decide on TrainingPeaks WKO+, TrainingPeaks Premium, or both; there is one thing that’s certain – through systematic tracking and scientific analysis, your performance will definitely improve with the purchase and use of one or both of these tools. We commend you for taking your training to the next level with your investment, and look forward to hearing about your success!

Gear Fisher is the CEO and co-founder of TrainingPeaks. You can follow Gear on Twitter @gearfisher.

Hunter Allen is the product manager of WKO+, co-author of Training and Racing with a Power Meter and the owner of Peaks Coaching Group. Learn more about Peaks Coaching Group at, or follow Hunter on Twitter @hunterpeaks.

We received many comments about users wanting WKO+ for Mac. We announced back in September that we’re working on WKO+ 4.0, which will include a native Mac version!