Should Cyclists do all of Their Training on the Bike?

Should Cyclists do all of Their Training on the Bike?

Can cyclists benefit from high intensity running?

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Do cyclists benefit from high-intensity running interval training sessions? Or should they do their all their interval training on the bicycle?


Running is a great cross training tool for cyclists and can be used in the off season with great effect.  Getting in that short 30-40 minute run gives you a break from the routine of riding, works a different muscle group and, for those in the colder climates, is easier to stay warmer than with cycling.  In addition, running gives you a great cardio workout in a short time window. If you are a cyclist and training for cycling is your main objective, doing intervals should be done on the bike.  Since the cross training runs are short, any intervals done would also be short.  Any type of short intervals, running or cycling, are done towards the end of a build to reach your peak.  The objective of running in the off season is not to peak your cardio or fitness but to build base fitness.