Power Analysis: 2015 Tirreno Adriatico Stage 3

Get an inside look at the power numbers from Team Tinkoff Saxo rider Christopher Juul-Jensen to see how hard it is to sit on the front of the peloton to bring back a breakaway.

During today’s Stage 3 of Tirreno Adriatico, Team Tinkoff Saxo riders Matteo Tosatto and Christopher Juul-Jensen went to the front of the peloton to bring back the early breakaway of five riders. The stage covered 203km (121 miles) of mostly flat terrain but also had two categorized climbs. Here is an inside look from Juul-Jensen’s SRM at the power numbers he was putting out to bring the break back.

View Juul-Jensen’s full SRM file. 

  • During the first categorized climb, the San Martino, Juul-Jensen put out 402 watts, or 5.42w/kg for 5 minutes.
  • Up the second climb, the Poggio alla Croce he averaged 383 watts, or 5.09w/kg and a cadence of 89rpm for 18 minutes.
  • His Peak 1 hour power output is 354 and covers both climbs. His Peak 5 minute power comes at 50k after the climb up the Poggio all Croce and is 424 watts, or 5.73w/kg and a cadence of 88rpm.
  • To bring the break from 5 minutes up to less than 1 minute between the 110k and 180k mark, Juul-Jensen sat on the front putting out 344 watts and averaged 44.5km/h (27.5mph) for 1:32.
  • In the final kilometers Juul-Jensen still had the ability to top 800 watts three times.
  • Keep in mind that these numbers come after a prologue and a four hour stage.

Juul-Jensen remarked after the stage that he felt his effort was, “not too shabby”. That is a humble comment coming after such an impressive effort.

Final Totals For the Stage

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