Archived: TrainingPeaks Introduces Data Editing To The Web


On July 10 TrainingPeaks, the premier online training and nutrition software for endurance athletes and coaches, will introduce data editing capabilities to the web. This will make TrainingPeaks the first ever online tool where triathletes, cyclists, runners and others can edit raw data collected from any one of more than 90 different training devices, including power meters, heart rate monitors, and GPS watches.

The new data editing capabilities will enable users to: 1) delete segments of data such as warm-ups or cool-downs and erroneously created segments, 2) edit specific points where data spikes have occurred, and 3) drop entire channels like heart rate, power, pace, temperature, and more. Workout totals, average and peak value calculations will adjust automatically after editing, and edited values will be reflected in TrainingPeaks charts, like the Peak Power and Peak Pace by Distance charts.

TrainingPeaks co-founder and CEO Gear Fisher says, “The ability to edit your raw device data on the Web is a big step forward for athletes using GPS, power or heart rate monitors. We’ve seen a huge increase in device uploads over the past few years, but the data wasn’t always perfect. We have the best analytics tools of any endurance sports training software, and this feature will help improve the accuracy of your data. This in turn improves your ability to analyze and plan future workouts effectively. It’s part of our core principles that TrainingPeaks is the resource for the most accurate reporting and preservation of your activity data.”

TrainingPeaks co-founder Dirk Friel adds, “From the coaching perspective, this is a huge gain as well. Coaches need accurate data to get the whole picture of an athlete’s fitness and to be able to prescribe the right type of training. Until devices are perfect and know how to do things like shut themselves off when you’re done with your ride, or not pick up random spikes in heart rate when you’re rolling downhill, there will be errors introduced in an athlete’s tracking process. However, data editing introduces the human element back into a technological process. It allows coaches to adjust out obvious errors and get the best representation of the activity that actually happened.”

Previously, the ability to delete segments, drop channels and edit data points has existed in desktop training software including TrainingPeaks WKO+; however the release of these capabilities makes it the first time a user can perform these functions on the web.

Data editing capabilities will be available to paid Premium TrainingPeaks Athlete Edition users and users of TrainingPeaks Coach Edition software. Users of TrainingPeaks’ free Basic Athlete Edition tool still have access to the platform’s workout graphs and select charts, and can upgrade at any time to the Premium service to utilize the new data editing benefits.

Learn more about the new TrainingPeaks data editing features and how to use them at, or view our new data editing demo video. For great examples of the type of data that could be edited from a device such as a power meter, see TrainingPeaks race data from the 2012 Tour de France at