Archived: New TrainingPeaks Android App and Update for iOS App


In July, we announced the release of our all-new TrainingPeaks mobile app for iOS. Today, we’re happy to announce that the new TrainingPeaks mobile app is also available on Android phone and tablet.

New features on the Android app include:

  • All-new design and improved user experience
  • Infinite scroll interface lets you quickly navigate to past and planned workouts
  • Select dashboard charts brought to mobile with planned vs. completed distance, duration and TSS®
  • Workout libraries for Premium Athlete users and Coach Edition users
  • Share workouts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Google Hangout or by Bluetooth
  • Better utility for coaches, including ability to view client data, schedule workouts manually and add workouts from libraries

We’ve also pushed an update to the TrainingPeaks iOS that includes a landscape view (pictured above and also available on Android) for Calendar and workouts.

Stay tuned as we continued to add deeper workout details, nutrition features and more in the coming releases.  Get the new Android App on Google Play now.