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New Features and the Retirement of Classic

BY Ben Pryhoda

We have been working hard over the past two and a half years to transition from our old platform to the new. This move was made in oder to bring you a better user experience, faster speeds, and more features. We are now near the end of that journey, and on July 1st we will be retiring the Classic version of TrainingPeaks. Learn more about the features we have moved over, new features to come, and the features that will be retired.

Two and a half years ago we began a mission to move TrainingPeaks off of a technology called Flash and over to HTML5. Making this move has allowed us to create a completely new platform with new features and a much improved user experience. As we moved ahead, we had to balance our time between creating the new TrainingPeaks and dealing with the technical debt from the previous platform, which we now call Classic. In December of 2013, we began defaulting all new athletes to the new version of TrainingPeaks. Since then, we have brought over many of the features found in Classic, but have also added new features along the way.

We have now reached the point where in order to continue moving forward with new features, we must first retire the old. On July 1st, we will be retiring TrainingPeaks Classic.

We will now be able to focus 100 percent on making TrainingPeaks even better for all users. Our goal is to continue bringing you exciting new features that help athletes achieve their goals and coaches grow their businesses.

Here is a overview of what features will not be moved over and a few features that are still to come.

Features Being Retired by July 1st

The decision to retire these features was based mostly on usage and feedback from users. We know that some of you may still be using some of these features, however, on a larger scale they are being used less and less. By shifting our focus to creating new features and enhancing functionality, we feel we will be able to provide a better product that all coaches and athletes will benefit from.


Forums reached their peak usage in 2011. We have found that users prefer other channels like Facebook or Twitter and our improved Help Center for product assistance and training advice.


Routes and route building have not been a central focus of TrainingPeaks and have been rarely used. To retain any routes you currently have, you can export them to .GPX before July 1st. Read this help page to learn how to to do this.

In-App Private Messaging

Like Forums, we found that users prefer to use other channels to communicate.

Structured Workout Builder

We see the value in a tool to build interval workouts. However, the existing version did not meet the needs of our users. We plan to reimagine and build a new version in the future.

Virtual Coach™ will be retired on June 3rd, 2015

Virtual CoachTM has seen a sharp drop in usage over the past few years so we have decided to focus our resources on other new features. We will continue to provide planning resources such as our Training Plan Store and Coach Match Service.

Printing Workouts

Advanced printing functionality will no longer be available. However, you will continue to have basic printing abilities. Access your workouts on the go with our free mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Features Coming in Early June

Annual Training Plan (ATP)

The new ATP will be released on June 3, 2015. At that time, Classic ATP will be retired. All data that is currently in your Classic ATP will be moved over to the new ATP. The ATP allows you to create a personalized training periodization strategy for your season.

Dual Calendar

Also known as Calendar 2, this allows coaches to use two separate calendars on their screen at the same time.

Features Coming by July 1

Filtering Workout Libraries

This feature allows you to quickly find a workout by filtering by sport type across Libraries.

Sharing Training Plans

Coaches will be able to share training plans to athletes and other coaches.

Color Coded Workouts

Customize your calendar to show workouts colored by sport type and/or by compliance based on planned duration.

TSS Backfiller Tool

This feature allows you to retroactively update your TSS values in the Performance Management Chart.

Downloading Data

Download your historical workout data, metrics, or device files as a .csv or .zip file.

Features Coming After July 1

Race Reports

All race report data from your Dashboard will be moved over and displayed on the calendar before July 1st. You will now be able to add an event to the calendar directly or from the ATP. The new dashboard Race Report will be added later this year.

Recently Added Features

New Sync Partners

We are now compatible with MyFitnessPal for nutrition tracking and all Suunto devices. View all compatible apps and devices.

Group Calendar

Coaches can create groups of athletes, then load a single week of each athlete in that group. Use this feature to view multiple athletes on your screen. Find out more about how to use the group calendar.

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About Ben Pryhoda

Ben Pryhoda joined TrainingPeaks in 2009 as a Senior Software Engineer. Since then has been promoted to Director of Engineering, V.P. of Engineering, and is currently the Senior Director of Product, Device and API Integrations. A former roadie turned XTERRA triathlete, Ben uses his training time to come up with new features for TrainingPeaks users.