Meet the BOO-TrainingPeaks Pro Cyclocross Team


TrainingPeaks is all about using scientific analysis to help coaches and athletes reach their goals. But, having worked here for the past two years, I can attest that TrainingPeaks has another side — something a bit non-tangible. A good vibe or positive energy that can’t be seen on a graph or chart but that you can feel when you walk in the door. You just know exciting things are happening here.

Interestingly, that same description is often used when referring to Boo Bicycles, another Colorado-grown business. Listen to Boo founder Nick Frey describe bamboo as a magical material for bikes and tell the story of how Boo came to fruition (it all started as a Princeton school project among friends), and you’ll agree that the energy at Boo is contagiously positive.

It’s these similarities that led to a natural affinity between Boo and TrainingPeaks, and why together we’re sponsoring a pro cyclocross team for the 2013-2014 season. Both companies were built by founders who are cyclists, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Gear, who admits that Nick’s entrepreneurial vision reminds him of his own 15 years ago, says, “Nick is a positive energy force like few people I’ve ever met. He’s part genius, part comedian, mixed with the most positive outlook on life possible. He’s also a professional. He’s building a business and having fun while he does it, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. Additionally, BOO customers align well with TrainingPeaks customers. They tend to be older, competitive, and understand that being the ‘best’ is measured not just by what you do, but how you do it. Boo is high-performance artistry, beautiful to look at and an amazing ride.”

Meet Skyler and Rotem

The BOO-TrainingPeaks team is based around Colorado riders Skyler Trujillo, 22, and Rotem Ishay, 27. Both riders are focused on taking their racing to a higher level competing in Elite races all over the country.

We asked them a few questions so that you could get to know them a little better:

1. Give us the basics.

  • Full name: Rotem Moses Ishay
  • DOB: 9/7/1986
  • Hometown: Netanya, Israel
  • Current town: Durango, Colorado


  • Full Name: Skyler Trujillo
  • DOB: 10/07/1992
  • Hometown: Fort Collins
  • Current town: Durango, CO

2. Zodiac sign and is it accurate?

Rotem: Virgo, and yes it is accurate: picky, self critical, value serving others, modesty and humanity.

Skyler: Libra and it is very accurate of me and how I am outgoing and strive for the fun in life.

3. Best hand-up ever?

Rotem: First hand up by team manager Nick Frey at CrossVegas got us fined with 200 Swiss franks for handing out water out the feed zone. The best hand up is yet to come I guess…

Skyler: When I was about to puke in a race so I took a water hand up to help hold it down. A big swig later I found out that it was a bottle full of whisky. Did end up puking but held it down ’til the buzz set in!

4. Any pre-race rituals or good luck charms?

Rotem: Since my first races back in Israel, my mom always sends me Reiki energies before I start the race. [Editor’s Note: From “Reiki is actually ‘spiritually guided life force energy’”.] These days my mom still makes sure to send me Reiki at race time, and sometimes it is quite challenging with the Israel – America time zones.

Skyler: Rain dance. In hopes for lots and lots of rain.

5. Favorite thing to do besides CX/cycling?

Rotem: I’m a recent graduate of Fort Lewis College as an exercise specialist, and currently work full time at Durango Performance Cardiology, a center for sports cardiology and endurance testing and coaching. I love everything that falls between the spectrum of sports, medicine, physiology and coaching.

Skyler: Attending physics and engineering classes at Fort Lewis College.

6. What is something that no one knows about you?

Rotem: I love USA – the people, the sports, the southwest and especially the patriotism. I keep a full-sized American flag from the USS Constitution naval ship on the wall by my bed.

Skyler: Mountain unicycle rides are a key part of my cross training for cyclocross.

TrainingPeaks helps endurance athletes and coaches use scientific analysis to achieve their goals. Partnering with the company of a young entrepreneur with a degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from Princeton is a natural fit. Ironically, science is not what brings TrainingPeaks and Boo together. Rather, it’s a positive entrepreneurial vibe that both companies value and their desire to create beautiful and performance-driven products while having fun doing it. After getting to know Rotem and Skyler more, we think these riders are a great representation of that same spirit. This is going to be an exciting ride – stay tuned as we follow the team through their inaugural season!

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