Archived: Meet our Newest New Guys (and Girls)


We’ve got some big goals for 2013…and the clearest evidence of that are all the new faces around the TrainingPeaks office these days. Growing our headcount by nearly 25% in the past 2 months was no small effort, and we were determined to find a group of individuals who could not only bring their professional expertise, but share our passion for endurance sports. 

After searching far and wide, we’re confident we’ve found the right people for the job. Meet the newest additions to our team and find out how they’ll be helping us take TrainingPeaks to the next level in 2013.

Bryan Alders, Marketing & Sponsorship Coordinator / Professional Mountain Biker

Bryan has been racing for over 10 years, 5 of them as a professional – he currently races for Marin Bikes. It all started with a friend in high school that talked him into going on a few mountain bike rides around their Lake Tahoe hometown. This soon progressed into racing and then it was all downhill from there…except for all the uphills. Bryan’s career highlights include multiple top 10 finishes in the Pro Men category at the U.S. Mountain Bike National Championships.

As our new Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator Bryan has enthusiastically taken on the role of staying in touch with our friends on social media, managing our ambassadors and sponsored teams and athletes, and making sure “everyone gets a good workout in” on our lunch rides. (Some of our legs wish he wouldn’t take that one so seriously).

When Bryan’s not training or racing, he’s sleeping or eating.

Bryce Walsh, DevOps Systems Engineer / Ultradistance Cyclist

When Bryce started with us, we were warned via company email: “Ask Bryce to go on a ride, but if you do, be sure to mention that you’d like to confine said ride to Colorado.” That was fair, as Bryce lists finishing the Race Across America, solo and in 12 days, among his accomplishments. Bryce also spent the first 4 months of 2012 racing the length of Africa (yeah, he went the long way) in the Tour d’Afrique, raising money for World Bicycle Relief. In 2008, Bryce set a record for the fastest 1000K on an outdoor track – that’s more than 2600 laps and 32 hours on a velodrome. He’s not quite sure if he should be proud or bashful about that one…but it was definitely memorable, with crowds cheering and Jay-Z playing over the PA. 

Bryce will be doing more endurance mountain bike racing and a couple 500 mile races in 2013. M-F, he’ll be helping us make sure our services are always available to you, and that we’re nimble – able to quickly add features that our customers request. 

Charlie Bartel, Senior iOS Developer / Cyclist 

As many of us can relate to, Charlie got into cycling when a couple friends encouraged him to do a group ride. He built his fitness, tried a crit – and was hooked. So began his career as a roadie, racing cross and touring as well, with his favorite rides being a gran fondo along the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Washington, and completing all 500 miles of RAGBRAI in 2012. In 2013 Charlie plans to climb 14,265-foot Mt. Evans in Colorado this summer as well as complete the notorious Triple Bypass over Loveland, Vail and Juniper Passes. 

With 7 years of experience doing software development for Garmin, Charlie is here to help us bring more “sizzle” to your TrainingPeaks experience on iOS devices – so look for some great new things to come to our mobile apps. 

Chris Gilbert, Designer / Cyclist

As part of our new Creative Services team, Chris is here to help design a killer web and app experience for TrainingPeaks – or, as his 10 year old daughter puts it, “he draws pictures all day.” Your user experience is in good hands – before coming to TrainingPeaks, Chris worked for design agencies that created solutions for Nike, IBM, Motorola, SAP, Cartier, CDW, Microsoft, and HP.

Chris’ love for cycling can be traced back to one cold and snowy Christmas morning, when his 11-year old self ripped through the neighborhood on a shiny new red Mongoose BMX bike – oblivious to the cold, empowered by the freedom. After graduating from BMX racing and sketchy wood ramp design, he bought a second hand Peugeot and began riding the roads of southeastern Pennsylvania. He learned the joy of “going long” one summer vacation when he and two buddies decided to ride a century. They knew of only one bike route at the time. It was 20 miles long, so they simply rode it 5 times in a row. He was 13.

These days, Chris can be found on the local mountain bike trails and backroads of Boulder County, where he’s had plenty of time to learn countless new routes.

Dave Schell, Customer Support / Triathlete

Dave Schell did his first triathlon five years ago…and absolutely HATED it. He was on a mountain bike, had never swam in open water, and had never run off the bike…so basically, totally miserable.

Naturally, two days later he was online looking for more races. There’s nowhere to go but up, right?! Today, Dave is a USAT Certified coach and ACE personal trainer. His favorite racing moment is when he qualified for the ‘A’ wave in the Bolder Boulder last year. “Each year I chipped a little time off my race but thought that a sub 38 10K was a pipe dream. When I did it, I was beside myself!”

As part of our Customer Support team Dave looks forward to helping you not only with any technical issues, but showing you all the cool stuff TrainingPeaks is capable of. He’s also a formally trained chef from Johnson and Wales University, so when the summer BBQs come back at TP you can bet we’ll be looking to him for grillmaster duties.

Justin Walk, Brand Marketing Manager / Ironman Triathlete and Runner

Besides being a self-proclaimed “digital nerd” who loves reading about technology trends, social media and marketing; Justin’s been involved in the endurance sports industry since becoming a professional coach for Carmichael Training Systems in 2005. Coaching for CTS at the Aspen Performance Center, Justin worked with some of the world’s top athletes, testing and analyzing their physiology and creating training programs. Recently, Justin has also found time to focus on his own training again and began competing in long course triathlon, as well as continuing to run marathons and trail races.

When he’s not training or racing, Justin is traveling the world with his wife, eating great food and taking in as much life as possible. He also enjoys writing, and has contributed training articles for magazines including Outside and Runner’s World (who he still writes for). Fun fact: Justin can fly planes…real ones.

Karen Drobish, HR Manager / Triathlete

As our first ever HR Manager, Karen has been a huge asset in helping us attract and retain the awesome talent that will take our products to the next level.

Karen found triathlon in 2006, when she saw Tri for a Cure as an opportunity to challenge herself and support a great cause that was close to her heart – her grandmother was a breast cancer survivor. Karen still remembers “going to the pool for training and not knowing how to swim with my face in the water!” She’s come a long way since then, with the Sharkfest Alcatraz swim on her 2013 calendar, and two marathons, two 70.3’s, and various other multisport events under her belt.

Karen’s favorite events are the Boulder Tri Series. One day, she plans to complete a full Ironman – but for now, she’s sticking with the 70.3 distance so that she can spend time with her husband and their one-year old son.

Katie Ingram, Coach Sales / Triathlete

If you’re a new coach on TrainingPeaks, you’ll likely at some point get the pleasure of chatting with Katie as she helps you get the most out of your Coach Edition account.

With a long background as an injured runner, Katie stumbled into triathlon in early 2009. After the gateway drug of road cycling, she reluctantly climbed into the pool so that there would be more bikes racked when she got out of the water. Katie represents SOAS Racing and Kompetitive Edge while she is swimming, biking, and running. When she isn’t being cranky about hills or wind or sharing a lane with a flailer in fins, she loves to cook strange things, read books made out of physical pages and hang out with her three golden retrievers Graham, Molly and Sofie. (There’s a big sticker chart at home that decides who gets to go to the office each day).

Leah Kelly, Software Test Engineer / Runner and Triathlete

Leah has always loved running. In high school she ran track and cross-country, and while these days Leah also participates in triathlon, running is still the nearest and dearest to her heart. As she puts it, “I’ve never been the fastest, but it’s never mattered – to me running never felt like a competitive sport. I just liked how natural it felt.”

Leah is a Colorado newcomer, having just moved here in 2012 from Oklahoma with her Shepherd-Lab mix Beluga. Leah says, “Colorado to me is magical. It feels so full of life and adventure. Here, people are always outside doing what they love, trying new things, and staying active. I feel very much at home here.” We think Leah fits in perfectly around these parts!

Leah’s assistance on our quality assurance team will help to make sure that you get a smooth and quality experience on new releases of our desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Ryan Parnes, Customer Support / Cyclist

Growing up skiing and riding bikes in the idyllic ski town of Sun Valley, ID, Ryan joined us from California where he had been working as a Product Manager for Williams Cycling.

Having ridden professionally for Team Raleigh in Europe, Ryan could really do some damage on our group rides, but he tries not to hurt us too bad. Because he’s just a nice guy like that. If you ever have Ryan help you with a troubleshooting or technical issue on TrainingPeaks, we think you’ll agree.