I have more than 1 coach. How can both of my coaches access my account? Can I have more than 1 coach

Yes, you can share your account with multiple coaches. However, you can only have one Current Coach, any additional coaches will be “Shared Coaches”.
For example, if you are a triathlete and you have a Current Coach that generally writes your training programs but also work with a cycling specific coach, you may want your cycling coach to be able to access your cycling data. So, in this case you would add the cycling coach as a “Shared Coach”.

Add a Shared Coach: 
To add or share your account with another coach please follow the steps below.
1. Within the “Social and Sharing” tab under “Account Settings” click on the “Linked Coaches/Trainers” tab.
2. To add a new Current Coach click on the “Add new” link next to “Request a coach.” If you wish to add a “Shared Coach” to your account click “Add new” next to Others I’m shared with.
Please see these links for more information and instructions: