Free Ebook: How To Start Training With Power

Free Ebook: How To Start Training With Power

Training with a power meter is one of the most effective way to get results. However, to get those results you need to know what those numbers mean and how to use the data to dial in your training. While there is a lot of information across various books, blogs and articles, trying to put it all together can be difficult. With the release of the How To Start Training with Power Ebook, TrainingPeaks has taken all the best tips, ideas and thoughts from power training pioneers Hunter Allen, Dr. Andy Coggan and Joe Friel and condensed them into one easy to read downloadable Ebook.


    Ebook: How to Start Training with Power



Having a power meter is a great investment in yourself and How To Start Training with Power is the perfect quick start guide for any rider using a power meter. As TrainingPeaks Co-Founder Dirk Friel says, “The true value of a power meter is in the objective feedback you will receive. However having objective data is pointless without knowledge. This ebook will start you on a path towards make your cycling training more valuable and effective.”

The Ebook starts by covering the basics like determining your threshold and setting your zones. It also explains the metrics behind power, how to analyze your data, see long term trends and how to use the numbers to get faster. Along with all this great information are insights and tips throughout the book. Joe Friel gives his top three key power workouts and tips on pacing for an Ironman bike using your power meter. Hunter Allen showcases his method of determining threshold and breaks down what a “match” is.

You’ve invested good money in your power meter, now take the time to understand the data it is giving you. How To Start Training with Power gives you everything you need to start training effectively, all in one place. Unlock your potential today.