How and why to recalculate workout metrics

Why recalculate workout metrics?

Recalculating workout metrics comes in handy when you’ve uploaded a data file and: 

  • don’t see any summary data or don’t see any time in zones? Thankfully, this is a rare occurrence, but we’ve created an easy way to fix it.
  • you’ve updated your threshold and need to recalculate some workouts based on your new values.
  • you overwrote some values in data field and want to reclauclate them back to the original data based on the data file

Here’s how:

1) Open the workout in question.

2) Click the “File Uploaded” button (screenshot below)

3) Click on the file and select “Recalculate workout metrics”

NOTE: If you overwrote any part of your workout stats (most often users will overwrite TSS, but this can be any metric: speed, IF, distance, etc), then doing this will undo that change.