Gear’s Thoughts: We Have Liftoff, Public Beta Now Live


Today we open our private web app beta to all customers. You’ll now see a prominent banner at the top of your account that lets you discover what all the fuss is about. For the last two months, we’ve been receiving feedback from over 1,000 people involved in our private beta. Today, everyone gets to check it out.

Note that our focus has been on the athlete experience, so while coaches are able to use the new app too, we don’t have as much done on Coach Edition. In fact, it’s very bare bones. That said, we thought it wouldn’t be right to keep coaches from experiencing the new app.

So quick, start a new tab on your web browser and login to your account (Basic, Premium or Coach) to take it for a test ride with me. There is a new banner at the top of the screen once you login that will take you to the beta. Give it a click, and follow along as I walk you through what your first five minutes is going to feel like.

Beautiful Design Plus Deep Functionality

First thing you’ll notice? This ain’t your grandma’s TrainingPeaks anymore. We’ve made the experience cleaner, more accessible and simpler to use, it’s beautiful design plus the deep functionality we’re known for. It’s faster and easier, yet very familiar. We brought design to the forefront, and you’ll notice that immediately.

Start by trying out the infinite scrolling calendar. Just scroll up and down. It’s fast and easy. It’s probably what you always wished our Calendar would be.

Next, select a workout with an uploaded device file. Ta-da! We brought several key charts right to the QuickView so you won’t need to go any further to see most of your workout stats.

Next, you’ll see there is no more “Map & Graph” button. But fear not, just expand the QuickView with the “Expand” button: now you have a fully interactive, customizable and highly detailed workout view. We’ve come to affectionately call it “Expando”.

The design language is also consistent with our new iOS and Android mobile apps which we released this summer. They share a similar user experience, it’s like they were built by the same company!

Next, close the QuickView and hit the “Dashboard” link at the top of the page. Did you catch that? We moved our global navigation to the top, leaving contextual navigation and tools to the left side of each page. Simple simple – it’s where it always should have been in the first place.

Click the chart library button on the left, then drag and drop charts to the Dashboard. Once you’ve added a chart, click the 3-line button on the top right of any chart to access customizable settings. Notice that you can set a custom name for every chart, and that every chart can either inherit the Dashboard date range or have its own custom date range setting.

Ok, lets take a timeout. You’re a few minutes into the next generation of TrainingPeaks that we’re building for athletes and coaches around the world and I’d love to hear what you think so far. Send me your feedback in our beta support forum here.

Using New vs. Classic

That was a short intro to a TON of functionality, but as with most major development efforts, we’re certainly not done (in the software world, you’re never done). You can continue to use the classic TrainingPeaks Athlete or Coach Edition app right alongside the new app and switch back and forth as you see fit.

So far, we have built a lot of foundational pieces in the new app. Our energy has been focused on the overall design, Calendar, Dashboard and Workout Details. From here, we will work rapidly toward building new functionality and porting other key pieces from our old app. For now, you can continue to use the VirtualCoach, Annual Training Plan, Routes and Meals in the old app.

One important caveat here: we’re not simply trying to reach feature parity with the classic app. We’re going to do new things, and assess which features that users find most valuable in the classic app. Yes, we’ll bring over most of what you know, but not every feature will make it to the new app before we retire the old one. However, it will be months before we put the classic app out to pasture, and you’ll get plenty of warning.

A tip to access the new beta directly: on your iPad or with your regular web browser, bookmark for direct access and auto login. We remember your login credentials so you won’t have to type in your username and password every time. Your data is live in both versions and anything you do in classic or beta is saved in both places.

Find the New Features

By now you’ve clicked around and can see that there is plenty of killer new stuff to discover. To help you find them, here’s some of my favorite cool new things:


  • Infinite scroll with “week snap”
  • QuickView with more data, expanded view for fully interactive zoom, customizable charts and details all on one scrollable page
  • Visual weekly summary showing planned vs. completed information on the right side of the calendar
  • Workout templates in your library now show Distance, Duration and TSS
  • Drag a workout from your Calendar into the Workout Library to create a template
  • Drag and drop a device file onto your Calendar to upload the file
  • Use Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V (Cmd-C, Cmd-V on a Mac) to copy and paste workouts. Coaches can paste between clients. Use Shift to select multiple days 
  • Color-coded workouts automatically display compliance by completed duration
  • Drag and drop a training plan from your Workout Library onto the Calendar to apply
  • Graphical preview of training plans right from your library

Expando (map & graph details page)

  • Beautiful new map/graph with right-side peak stats
  • Scroll down for more charts (previously on the “Reports” tab)
  • Add more charts by dragging from “Add” button at top
  • Customize the layout of charts: the system remembers your unique chart layouts automatically between workout types
  • Laps and splits are interactive with map and graph charts and the peaks section
  • Data editing more visible
  • Data smoothing to more easily visualize your efforts
  • Make comments using the “Comments” button without leaving the expanded view (coaches, you’ll appreciate this one)


  • Every chart now can use the primary Dashboard date-range setting, or have its own
  • Customize the title of any chart
  • Double-click a chart to maximize and minimize
  • Consistent “drag and drop” function to add charts
  • New “Elevation Gain by Week” chart


  • Cleaner and easier to read
  • Vastly improved zones calculator

WKO 4.0

One last note. We had hoped to launch WKO 4.0 today, but as we announced at the end of our last WKO 4.0 webinar, we need more time. Though I know that’s a disappointment to you, it’s critical for us to live up to your high expectations, and our high standards, for the finished product. I’ll make another announcement in early 2014 about release date, but yes, I’m being vague on purpose because it won’t go out until it’s rock solid.

Well, that’s a long post, but I thought you’d enjoy a tour of the new web app. I’m immensely proud of the massive team effort it took to get to this point. I think you’re going to love the new TrainingPeaks.

Thanks for reading,


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