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The last day of 2012 is the perfect day to look back and reflect on your accomplishments of the past year.  What worked? What didn’t? Did you meet your goals? What do you want to accomplish in 2013?  We asked ourselves those same questions and came up with a little top 10 list that we’re quite proud of. 

1. We became the first product to bring data editing to the web.

In July we introduced data editing capabilities to the web, making TrainingPeaks the first ever online tool where athletes can edit raw data collected from training devices. This features allows users to cut out sections of a workout, such as warm-ups, cool-downs and erroneously created segments. It also allows users to edit specific points where data spikes have occurred. Coupled with the ability to add and save segments, and apply elevation correction to GPS data (also 2012 features!) TrainingPeaks is now not only the place where you can track and analyze all your training data – but actually improve its accuracy.

2. The Performance Management Chart started telling the future (predictive PMC).  

For those who use the Performance Management Chart, the Predictive PMC was an exciting feature release this April! In the past the Performance Management Chart had only been a tool to analyze past data, but now with the ability to include TSS in planned workouts, athletes can model different scenarios for the future and  know how much they need to train to be on peak form for race day. This new feature has proven to be exceptionally powerful, especially for situations like micromanaging a taper before a big race, or planning a very intense training block.

3. We released Threshold Improvement Notifications for more accurate analysis, and less thinking and work on your part to stay on top of your fitness improvements.

Threshold can change several times in the course of a season as you build fitness, and if you are not on top of these changes, you could be working off of inaccurately set heart rate or power zones. This affects your analysis in TrainingPeaks as it pertains to TSS®, IF®, and the PMC. The threshold improvement notification feature we released in December will analyze your uploaded data and notify you when there is a detected potential improvement in your threshold. Depending on the type of account you have, you can turn on/off these email notifications. Learn all about threshold improvement notifications here. Or, if you’re not quite sure why you should care what your threshold is, read this (and perhaps be converted)!

4. We started moving to the cloud.

The engineering team at TrainingPeaks have been hard at work this year, implementing new technologies and solutions to interesting problems.  All of this work is essentially re-plumbing the TrainingPeaks ecosystem to leverage cutting edge technology to keep the infrastructure scalable for big changes in 2013.  One of these big infrastructure updates was starting a move to “the cloud” for our database, leveraging the unparalleled features and scalability of Amazon Web Services (AWS).  The end result for our users will be a faster, better, more reliable interaction with their data (and who doesn’t want that?).  If you are interested in the nuts and bolts of what our engineering team has been up to, check out the TrainingPeaks Tech blog:

5. The QuickView “grew up”…

In April we completed a redesign of the QuickView, our most used feature in TrainingPeaks. In any given month, the QuickView is opened more than 3 million times, and is the primary input and editing tool for recording and viewing workouts. We gave each sport different default stats, so you no longer have to look at “elevation gain” when recording a swim. You can also customize what data is shown for each sport. This revamp also brought the ability to plan TSS which in turn, allows for a predictive PMC (see accomplishment #3). Perhaps most appreciated, was the ability to now view planned and completed workout statistics side-by-side.

6. …and the TP mobile app grew with it, inheriting stats from the QuickView.

As of several weeks ago, our mobile app now has the same statistics as you’ve selected to show on your QuickView, such as TSS, mph, calories, kJs, IF, etc. This powerful addition to the mobile app will allow on-the-go athletes to perform their workouts as prescribed to the “T”, and update more than just the distance and duration of a workout from their mobile device.

Do you have our free iPhone/Android app yet? Download it now.

7. Our iPhone/Android friendly HMTL5 Activity Viewer debuted (just in time to present our power data play-by-play from the Tour de France).

In May we released our public activity viewer in HTML5, resulting in the most functional activity viewer on the web…plus, you can view it on a non Flash-enabled device like your iPhone, iPad, or Android! On our viewer, you can see laps and peaks for the workouts; select segments on the graph to get a full set of stats, and share your activity on Facebook and Twitter. We also added a cool social feature: the ability to add public comments to any activity using the Facebook Comment plug-in. Check out Chris Anker Sorensen’s Tour de France Stage 10 data as an example.

8. We formed our first-ever Creative Services team in order to bring killer UX/UI to the product.

This summer, we started building a world-class Creative Services team, beginning with our new Chief Creative Officer Mike Bonenberger and adding two more dedicated designers. With our migration over to HTML5, this is our opportunity to rebuild our platform with beautiful, elegant and intuitive design – and we are not going to miss it.

9. “The band got back together” to develop WKO+ 4…and yes it will be native to Mac!

In September we announced that Hunter Allen, Dr. Andy Coggan, and Kevin Williams, the original developers of WKO+, are back together and developing WKO+ 4. Expect an innovation revolution introducing new ideas in science and dramatic improvements to the software – this is not a point version upgrade.
And finally, last but definitely not least…

10. We saw the benefits of our software proven out when Team Sky won the Tour de France.

Team Sky has used TrainingPeaks since its inception in 2010 to track, analyze and plan every detail of their training and racing program. SRM Power meters go on every Team Sky bike, and every ride and race is uploaded for immediate analysis. Team management uses TrainingPeaks to spot trends and tailor individualized training, and make roster decisions based on predictions of fitness and form.
Bradley Wiggins described his 2012 training program in his autobiography “My Life”:

The attitude I took to my training had changed significantly as well…For 2012 I told [team management], sod it, I want to win the Tour, I’m the gerbil on the wheel…You work out the training programme; you know I trust you, just do it.

Using TrainingPeaks, [Head of Performance Management] Tim Kerrison would work out my training for the day – times, power outputs, cadences – he would upload it, and I would get a notification telling me to go ahead and read it in an email…The schedules came in, week by week. I just did exactly what I was asked…and put it into TrainingPeaks for Tim to look at.

Well, Team Sky went on to win the Tour de France. We’re incredibly proud to have played a role in helping Team Sky with all their amazing successes in 2012. Read more about how Team Sky and British Cycling became the best in the world.

Moving forward…

2012 was our best year ever, more customers, highest usage and bigger growth than any previous year in our 12 year history. Of course, we’re never satisfied with the status quo, and we’ve got big plans across mobile, web and desktop products.  Looking ahead to 2013,  our commitment of working hard to bring you world-class tools to help track, analyze and plan your training and nutrition has never been stronger.  After sifting through 550 applications, we added 11 people to our team in product development, marketing and customer support, and we’re looking for more.  We’re ramping up in a big way to ensure we’re always one step ahead of the competition, and we’re planning for big things next year, just like you. 

Thanks for you amazing support all year long, and I look forward to making 2013 the best year ever!


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