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If you follow our social feeds on Twitter or Facebook, you might have seen that we just completed our move to a new office location. After almost five years and four expansions of our previous office, it was time to find a new home that could accommodate our growth. The process of finding new office space is not quick or easy. We worked with a terrific commercial realtor and evaluated dozens of locations in the surrounding Boulder, CO area. After an extensive search, property tours, negotiations, construction and the move itself, we’re finally getting settled in. We’re very excited about it, and it means some really cool stuff is coming on the horizon for our customers and our employees.

Our new digs are located in north Boulder in an area known as the Gunbarrel Tech Center. We’re right on one of the main roads that cyclists use to get in and out of Boulder, and just about 1/2 mile south of the Boulder Reservoir. It’s a great location for training given the easy access to the plentiful roads and there’s an awesome gravel running trail that passes nearby.

During the whole moving process, I couldn’t help but reflect on how this physical move closely resembles a massive virtual move that we’re undergoing as well. As I hinted in my blog post back in September, we’re deep into the process of completely rebuilding our products from the ground up. Yes, that includes our main web application, our mobile app and our desktop software WKO+. We’re rebuilding our entire product ecosystem and we’re moving to all new technology, using the latest industry standards, and taking this opportunity to erase years of legacy challenges and technical debt.

In addition, we’re doing it with an all new internal development process. On top of that, we’re also moving our entire hosting infrastructure to the cloud which is no small feat in itself. Did I mention we’ve also added 13 people to the team in the last few months as we staffed up to build all these new products? Whew!

We’re kinda busy! Here’s what it really means for you: amazing new tools that will help you reach your athletic dreams. That is really what it is all about, and it’s what we’ve always been laser focused on. Our physical move is the culmination of years of hard work, and it represents an entirely new phase in our history. Later this year, when we release completely new versions of our products, we’ll take another huge leap forward through innovative science, training tools and coaching once again.

But no matter where we are, my commitment to you is the same as it has always been: we’re going to build software with an amazing user experience that brings powerful, exciting new features to help you achieve your athletic dreams, and for coaches to grow their businesses. Our new physical and virtual locations give us the platform to build our future, and the foundation to create amazing new products for you. I can hardly wait to share more in the coming months as we get closer to inviting you into our new homes, both physical and virtual.


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