Archived: Gear’s Thoughts: A New Owner for our Mobile GPS Apps


Today I’m announcing that our family of mobile GPS tracking apps, Run Tracker Pro, Cycle Tracker Pro and Walk Tracker Pro are under new ownership.  After three years of experimenting with this segment of the mobile GPS space, I decided that a different owner could breathe new life into them and give these apps the love they deserve.  

We’ve owned these apps since having acquired them from the original developer in January 2010. Since then, we’ve tried to nurture them along and add a few features here and there, but their popularity never really took off. As of today, uploads from these apps to our servers account for just 1% of overall uploads. What we learned is that despite the massive popularity of GPS apps, TrainingPeaks customers simply don’t use mobile apps for tracking workouts. They prefer dedicated devices like a Garmin, Timex, SRM, etc. We have the best compatibility to dedicated devices and we wanted to continue to focus on device integration rather than GPS app development.

So it was with this realization that I sought a buyer, and found the perfect home for them. Bluefin Software has been a longtime partner of ours, and they specialize in mobile app development for the fitness market. Alex and Tanya have built a stable of great, usable apps that runners all around the world enjoy. They are now the caretakers of our apps, and I’m confident they’ll give them the attention they deserve.  

Going forward, if you own one of these apps, know that Bluefin will continue to support them, and you’ll also continue to be able to upload directly to TrainingPeaks. In an update coming soon, you’ll notice the removal of all TrainingPeaks branding, but the apps will remain fully functional as you know them. If you have technical issues or support questions, Bluefin will now handle them on their support page. You’ll see no interruption in service and I’m quite certain you’ll see more features and updates in the future.

In summary, rather than spending time on the GPS apps which are used by a small minority of our customers, we are instead putting time and effort into evolving our API and Device Agent which will make it easier for any app or device manufacturer to become compatible with us. We also encourage any app maker to enable data upload to our servers for analysis. The GPS apps are excellent products but they deserve the focus of a great company like Bluefin to keep them on the cutting edge. We are now free to focus our attention toward bulding out our web, mobile and desktop products. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have questions in the comments below, or read the official press release from Bluefin.


Gear Fisher, CEO