During Marathon Training, Should My 5k and 10k Times Get Slower?

During Marathon Training, Should My 5k and 10k Times Get Slower?

Training for a marathon doesn't mean your 5 and 10k times need to slow. The strength and stamina you build can keep you competitive at shorter events. 

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Do you believe that when you are marathon training your 5k and 10k times seem to get slower? -Tiffany Schwartz


“Great question! I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily the case. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of runners run PRs at shorter distances during marathon training as a result of their increased aerobic strength. They typically don’t feel particularly “”fast”” but they’re able to maintain their pace without slowing down. Again, that’s the result of the extra strength.

Even for those who don’t PR during the marathon training segment, I’ve seen a lot of folks PR at shorter distances after their marathon segment is over as they drop their mileage, freshen up and reap the benefits of all the high-end aerobic work they did in preparation for the marathon.
So, marathon training is not a death sentence for shorter distance PRs!!