Creating a Performance Management Chart (PMC) in WKO+ 3.0


Creation of the Performance Management Chart is just like adding an extra chart to your home page:

  1. Open your Athlete Home Page, in TrainingPeaks WKO+.

  2. In the upper right hand corner of the Athlete home Page, click OPTIONS>ADD A CHART TO THIS PAGE and then choose PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT CHART

How to Customize your Performance Management Chart (PMC)

  1. Customize your PMC just like customizing any chart on your Athlete Home Page. On the PMC, click OPTIONS>CUSTOMIZE THIS CHART.

  2. Under the General Tab, you should change the DATE RANGE. We recommend that you have at least 6 months of data in this chart.

  3. You might also want to change the STARTING VALUE for both the CTL CONSTANT and the ATL CONSTANT. We recommend that you multiply the average amount of hours per day that you ride, by 30, then multiple that by .70, and that should give you a starting point. Use this value for both the ATL and CTL.

  4. You might also want to experiment with the CTL CONSTANT and ATL CONSTANT. By changing the CTL CONSTANT, you will impact the cumulative impact that your ‘longer term’ workouts will have on your chart. The default value is ‘42’ days, which means that even workouts done 42 days ago will impact your PMC. By changing the ATL CONSTANT, this will impact the ‘shorter term’ workouts and their emphasis. If you are someone that needs longer to recover than, it’s possible you should lengthen this time constant to something longer than ‘7’ days.

  5. Under the DETAILS tab, we recommend that you ADD a DATA SERIES.

    1. Click ADD

    2. Change the TITLE to ‘20minute Power’

    3. Change CONTENT to ‘MEAN MAXIMAL’

    4. Leave SHOW BESTS to 10 (This will show you ONLY the TOP 10 points for the date range)

    5. Change DURATION to ’20 minutes’

    6. Change color,etc. to your desired choices

    7. Click APPLY

Now you will have a PMC chart that will show you exactly where your ‘TOP 10’, best 20 minute powers occurred. This is handy as it will help you to identify the TSB that you needed in order to create those peaks. 

You might want to also add in your ‘1minute’ power as a DATA SERIES as well. The longer you taper before your big race, the greater your short term power will be, so a long period of (+) TSB could produce some very high wattage values in your shorter durations.

If you want to add in some more definition to some of your lines, for example the TSB line, then you can ADD a 2nd TSB DATA SERIES and make it a BAR under the FORMAT choice.


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