Threshold Improvement Notifications


How It Helps You

Your threshold can change several times in the course of a season as you build your fitness, and if you aren’t aware of these changes, you could be working off of inaccurately set training or power zones. Without an accurate threshold setting you could also be looking at inaccurate analyses within TrainingPeaks, as your threshold is used to calculate things like TSS, Intensity Factor and ultimately your Performance Management Chart. The threshold improvement notification feature can analyze your uploaded data, and notify you when we detect a potential improvement to your threshold.

Not 100% schooled on what your threshold is and why it matters? Read all about thresholds and how they’re used in TrainingPeaks first. Ready to set your thresholds and zones in TrainingPeaks? Here’s how.

Did you know all this stuff already? Let’s move on to how this feature will work.

How It Works

When an athlete uploads a workout from a device with pace, power or heart rate data:

  • Pace Data (Run Only): We’ll compare the new data with your currently set pace threshold. If the Peak 45 Minute Average Pace is faster than the currently set threshold, we’ll suggest a threshold improvement.
  • Heart Rate Data: We’ll compare the new heart rate data with your currently set HR threshold. If the Peak 60 Minute Heart Rate OR 95% of the Peak 20 Minute HR (whichever is higher) is greater than the currently set threshold, we’ll suggest a threshold improvement to the greater value.
  • Power Data: We’ll compare the new power data with your currently set power threshold. If Peak 60 Minute Normalized Power OR 95% of the Peak 20 Min Average Power (whichever is higher) is greater than the currently set threshold, we’ll suggest a threshold improvement to the greater value.

The most effective way to use this feature is to perform periodic field tests (see Joe Friel’s Quick Guide to Setting Zones as an example of a field testing protocol), and then upload that data into TrainingPeaks. TrainingPeaks can then automatically compare the results of your field test against your currently set thresholds, and let you know if we detect an improvement. Of course, even if you do not perform a formal field test you may still set a new threshold during a tough workout or race of at least 20 minutes in duration – that’s the beauty of the feature. Whereas you may not have noticed it in the past, TrainingPeaks will be able to tell you if you set a new threshold based on our protocol above.

threshold notificationsHow You Can Be Notified of Threshold Improvements

You can choose to have threshold notifications turned on or off in your TrainingPeaks account. Here are your options for threshold improvement notifications:

  • Off: TrainingPeaks will not suggest threshold improvements
  • On, Notify Only: TrainingPeaks will notify by email when threshold improvements are suggested, and user may manually update their threshold and zones within their account if they choose. How to update threshold and zones.
  • On, Notify and Auto-Apply (Premium only): TrainingPeaks will notify user by email and also automatically apply a new threshold, based on recent data, to the account. User will need to update their respective training zones, if desired.
  • On, Auto-Apply Only (Premium only): We will automatically apply improved thresholds without email notification.

Are You a Non-Coached Athlete?

Your settings within TrainingPeaks default to “On, Notify Only”. Here’s how to change your threshold notification settings.

Are You a Coach?

You can control notifications and auto-apply options for both your account as it relates to notifications about your athletes’ accounts, as well as email notifications to your athletes. Both your account and your coached athletes’ accounts are currently set to “Off” for threshold notifications. Here’s how to manage and change your clients’ threshold notification settings.

Are You a Coached Athlete?

Your threshold notification settings are defaulted to “Off”. Your coach will manage your notification settings.

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