How USA Cycling is Using Data to Prepare for Rio


For the past 12 years, USA Cycling has been using TrainingPeaks to help all of their athletes prepare for the biggest events in the world. With the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio coming up, we wanted to learn more about how they have used data to plan and analyze rider data to create the perfect training program for Rio.

How To Sprint Like a Tour Rider


Spriters are a unique type of cyclist that must possess several different qualities. This slideshare explains the physical build of a sprinter, their physiology, and how they get their burst of speed.

GCN Video: 5 Key Metrics to Analyze Your Power Data Using TrainingPeaks


Analyzing your data is simpler than you may think. This video from Global Cycling Network explains the top five metrics you can use to efficiently analyze your data using TrainingPeaks.

Video: Increasing Your Exposure and Finding New Athlete


Dimity McDowell is the co-founder of Another Mother Runner and author of two running books for female athletes. Learn how she grew her business through partnerships, clubs, community outreach, social media, and more.

Video: How Coaches Can Use Performance Modeling


Dean Golich is the Head of Physiology and a Premier level coach at Carmichael Training Systems. In this video, he discusses the philosophy, tools, and biases behind performance modeling for athletes.

Video: Developing the Next Generation of Endurance Athletes


As endurance sports continue to grow, so does the participation of younger athletes. Jeff Boele, a high school cross country coach, discusses how coaches can safely develop younger athletes in endurance sports. Learn more about how you can help the next generation begin their journey.

Video: Growing Your Business Through Partnerships


Working with partners can be an effective way to gain clients and grow your business. Learn from Coach Ben Rosario of the Hoka One One Northern Arizona Elite Running Team how you can create partnerships that will help you achieve your business goals.

Video: Effective Marketing Methods for Endurance Coaches


Marketing your business is critical to continued growth. This expert panel discusses methods you can use, and gives practical advice on how to incorporate successful marketing strategies to grow your business.

Video: Hydration and Performance From Allen Lim


Every endurance athlete knows the importance of staying hydrated in training and racing. However, staying hydrated is more complicated than simply drinking water. Hydration expert Allen Lim discusses the mechanics of hydration, the performance effects of proper hydration, and more.

Video: Joe Friel’s Journey in Endurance Sports Coaching


A pioneering endurance sports coach, Joe Friel tells his own story of how he went from a high school teacher to one of the most respected coaches in the world.

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