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Does ‘Drink to Thirst’ Hydration Work For Endurance Athletes?


Drinking only water, only when thirsty, has become a popular hydration strategy among coaches and athletes. Here's why it still might not be the best approach to hydration at your next endurance event.

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7 Things Successful IRONMAN Racers Do in the Week Before a Race


The week before an IRONMAN or IRONMAN 70.3 can be chaotic. There are race meetings and bike check-ins and of course all that last-minute training to cram in. Just kidding. Follow these seven must-do’s in the week leading up to your next long-distance triathlon to improve your chances of race-day success.


The Importance of Post-Workout Comments


One step many athletes overlook is the importance of post-activity comments. Here is why you should not skip the process, and some suggestions of what could be useful—whether you’re coached or self-coached.


Understanding the Limitations of TSS® and IF® During HIIT Training


While TSS and IF are the gold standard for the majority of riders and training sessions, there are specific rider types and workout types where limitations exists. Here’s your guide to better understanding them.


Are You Ready to Do an Ultraman?


Everything you need to know about the distance, the necessary training and the community nature of ultra-distance triathlon.


The Perfect IRONMAN 70.3 Taper Plan


Nail the IRONMAN 70.3 taper with these tips and key workouts for preparing you or your athlete’s body and mind for the demands of race day.

Power Analysis: The Best of Kona


The IRONMAN World Championships demand the best from every racer. Take a look back at some of the top performances we have seen on the Big Island.

Start Preparing to Reach Your 2016 Goals


The time is now to starting acting on your dreams for 2015. Choose your sport and distance, and we will provide you with the resources to be successful.

Cyber Monday Sale: Save 25%


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#AskTP Twitter Chat: How Can TrainingPeaks Help You Improve Your Results?


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