Power Analysis: The Best of Kona


The IRONMAN World Championships demand the best from every racer. Take a look back at some of the top performances we have seen on the Big Island.

Start Preparing to Reach Your 2016 Goals


The time is now to starting acting on your dreams for 2015. Choose your sport and distance, and we will provide you with the resources to be successful.

Cyber Monday Sale: Save 25%


Cyber Monday comes early for our TrainingPeaks Ambassadors. Save 25% on Annual Premium Athlete Edition Account.

#AskTP Twitter Chat: How Can TrainingPeaks Help You Improve Your Results?


No one knows the ins and outs of the ecosystem of TrainingPeaks products like our Customer Success Team. Whether you've just started, or you've been using our solutions for years, our Customer Success Team can help you get more out of TrainingPeaks.

Mileage Accuracy


How exact do you have to be in tracking your mileage? Hal Higdon suggests that it may not need to be an exact science.

Not Even Moving


When I hear people talk about lost energy, it may be mental (burned out) or it may be nutritional. Sometimes lack of energy happens to runners trying various fad diets, ignoring the fact that carbohydrates remain the most efficient energy food.

Using Threshold Improvement Notifications in the Early Season


As a coach, you know the important role that threshold plays in an athlete's training. It is not only an important zone to train in, it also sets the limits to the other training zones. For many coaches, keeping track of every athlete's threshold value can be difficult. You can always schedule a threshold test, but often athletes get worried and worked up when they see the word “test” in a workout. Also, it can be difficult just to keep track of who is due for testing whe

The 5 Golden Rules of Sports Nutrition


When we think about our sports nutrition…what's going to make it “golden?” On track, top notch, or better than average? Here are five easy rules you can follow.

Moving Up In Difficulty


Speedwork most definitely will help you improve, although some risk comes with faster training if you are not prepared for it. Have you done speedwork before: either interval training on the track or fartlek and tempo runs in the woods?

Should You Subscribe to TrainingPeaks Premium or Buy WKO+?


A question we often hear and see in forums is, “Should I buy a Premium subscription to TrainingPeaks.com, or should I get TrainingPeaks WKO+?” In our view, the two products are complementary - while TrainingPeaks.com now offers many of the analytical features of WKO+, they are not simply “desktop” and “online” versions of one another.

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