Intensity-First Training for Endurance Mountain Biking


If the weather isn't cooperating or you have limited time in the early season, try doing your intensity workouts first—you can catch up on base miles later.

Fitbit and TrainingPeaks Sync


TrainingPeaks and Fitbit are working together to make syncing your data even easier. See how to set up your device.

Is More Cushioning Better For Long Distance Running Shoes?


When you're upping your miles, you might notice some more aches and pains. But are more cushioned shoes the answer? Some studies suggest otherwise.

Announcing the TrainingPeaks CoachCast


As an endurance coach, you already know how important having the latest training and coaching information is. It sets you apart as a professional and pushes you to grow as a coach and athlete. But, there are lessons that can only be learned by going straight to the source: the endurance sports experts, coaches, and […]

File Analysis: Ben King Wins Stage 9 of the 2018 Vuelta a España


Ben King wins the first HC summit finish of the 2018 Vuelta.

Get the Most Out of TrainingPeaks


Once you have a plan and you are familiar with the basic tools in TrainingPeaks, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you are getting the most out of TrainingPeaks. Customize your layout. As you learn what information is most important for you to see, you can customize your layout […]

Getting Started with TrainingPeaks


TrainingPeaks is an online and mobile software platform that helps you prepare for your goal race, whether you are a new cyclist looking for a training plan, an experienced racer with a coach, or even if you want to plan and analyze your own training. To get the most accurate and personalized planning and analysis […]

TrainingPeaks After-hours: GC’s State TT Podium


TrainingPeaks software engineer Giancarlo Bianchi worked hard to refine his gear and position for his A-race: the Colorado State Time Trial. Here's how he made it to the podium.


How To Adapt Your Road Training For Gravel Riding


With events like Dirty Kanza, Rasputitsa, and Grinduro gaining popularity, many road cyclists and mountain riders are considering their first gravel race. Here's how to adapt your current training to excel when riding gravel, and prepare for your next big adventure.

how to run faster

Take Your Running Speed to the Next Level


“The simplest way to improve is to run faster.” – Scott Jurek No matter if you’re front-pack runner, a back-pack jogger or somewhere in between, adding speed work into your weekly routine can bring huge benefits to your running. And whether you’re training for a 5K or a marathon, speed work is essential to becoming […]

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