The Art of The Taper: It’s Not A One-Size Fits All


Dr. Rick Kattouf addresses three scenarios where a race-day taper might not go as planned—and tells us how to pivot to ensure success no matter what.

Excuses We’ve All Used to Skip Weight Training


Weight training has amazing endurance benefits, but we tend to skip it anyway. Read this article to get motivated the next time you're feeling lazy.

ultra marathon sleep

How to “Bank” Sleep Before Your Next Ultramarathon


Most athletes know that sleep can have a huge effect on their wellbeing and performance. But what if the nature of your event requires sleep deprivation?

GTN Presents: How to Train at Your Sweet Spot For Cycling


Sweet spot interval training is a great way to increase your power output and dial in your race day fitness. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Optimizing Strength-to-Weight Ratio While Staying Healthy


Striking the appropriate balance between your power output and weight is critical for a sustainable and healthy approach to training and racing. Many athletes try to maintain as low a weight as possible while still being powerful on the bike—but it can be difficult to hit that sweet spot. If weight loss is taken too […]

Go Faster Before You Go Longer


You might not always get the "wow" factor when you tell your friends, but maybe you should. There's a strong case to be made for racing shorter events.

Maintaining Momentum Through an Injury


When this coach saw his athlete hit the deck, he thought the season was over. Here's how they worked through the injury to achieve a massive PR instead.

Gaming the (Aerobic) System: How to Use Anaerobic Intervals


There's more to a good interval workout than just going hard and resting. Matt Fitzgerald explains the science and history behind his new 80/20 system intervals.

TrainingPeaks After Hours: An American in Huez


Michael Boehmer, Product Manager Researcher on the R&D team at TrainingPeaks, had the experience of a lifetime at the Alpe d'Huez Triathlon.

Life Hacks for Weight Loss: Athlete Edition


Coach Steven Moody isn't a nutritionist, but he knows from experience that there are some simple life strategies to help every athlete manage their weight.

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