Interval Workouts for Triathlon Training


How would you like to improve your race performance by three percent in four weeks? Three percent isn't much, you say? Well, that would mean going from a 2:30 Olympic-distance finish time to a 2:25. For an Ironman three percent off of a 12-hour time would put you at the finish line 21 minutes sooner. Intervals are the key to such gains — if you do the workouts correctly.

Brick Workout Alternatives


In the world of multisport athletes, bike-run or “brick” workouts are very common. One of the main reasons behind brick workouts is to get the athlete accustomed to running well while fatigued after coming off the bike. Here are some other brick-type workouts to increase performance.

All About Overtraining


While high-intensity and high-volume training is not necessarily harmful, long periods of time spent training in this mode, can lead to inadequate or incomplete recovery.

Do You Tend to Overtrain? Let the Performance Management Chart Help Steer Your Way


Overtraining is a common mistake made by many endurance athletes. Using the Performance Management Chart can help you find the balancing point between just enough and too much.

13 Tips for Running in the Heat from Runner’s World


The summer months wear on athlete's as temps soar and days get longer. We'll give you some tips to make sure you get the most out of your training, no matter how hot it gets.

Tour of California vs. Tour de France


The Tour of California is just as difficult as the hardest week of the Tour de France; coach Dirk Friel explains why.

Load and Performance


One of the most common requests I receive as a coach is to don my prognosticator hat and answer the question “How fast will I go on race day”.

Scatter Graphs


Properly using Scatter Graphs can help you dig deeper into analyzing your power files and plot a variety of metrics against each other. Hunter Allen tells you how to use a Scatter Graph to give you the information you are looking for.

How to Know if You Are Overtraining


As the days are starting to get longer, now is a great time to be thinking about your upcoming season. Keep in mind this advice from Joe Friel on the dangers of over-training!

6 Reasons to Use Technology for Training


Have you ever stopped to consider why you use technology in your athletic life? Here's why you should.

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