Q&A With Jeremy Powers


Jeremy Powers (Team Rapha-Focus) is the reigning US Cyclocross National Champion. He's also an avid user of TrainingPeaks. We caught up with Jeremy in the midst of a busy racing schedule geared towards the 2013 UCI World Cyclocross Championships in February.

New To Racing


Could you run two marathons that close together? I've done it. Others have done it.

PMS: Post Marathon Syndrome


Hal explains PMS: Post Marathon Syndrome. It's part mental, but part physical. Here’s why it happens.

Top 3 High Performance Lessons I Learned in 2012


Each year, I implement new methods in my training or learn important lessons that help me to become a better, more healthy triathlete. In 2012, I learned 3 valuable high performance lessons, which I’ll share with you below.

Webinar: Timex Devices and


This short webinar covers Timex devices and how they upload data into TrainingPeaks. We will cover common questions and FAQs regarding these devices. 

Analyzing Jordan Rapp’s 2012 Ironman US Championship Race


On August 11, Jordan Rapp won the 2012 US Ironman National Championship in New York City with a impressive time of 8:11:18. Joe Friel takes a closer look at the data.

Q&A with Hal Higdon: Rain in the Forecast


A runner asks about how you dress for five hours of running in the rain and cold. 

Five Myths About Getting a Coach…Busted


Here are the top five reasons we hear athletes say they’re not going to hire a coach...and why you should rethink your assumptions.

Cyclocross Cornering Tips


If there is one thing that you are guaranteed to encounter in a cyclocross race it is corners. Today we are going to discuss the technique of cornering.

Webinar: Garmin Devices and


In this short webinar we will discuss Garmin devices and how they upload data into We will cover common questions and FAQs regarding these devices. 

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