first marathon

Training Tips I Wish I’d Known Before Running My First Marathon


Whether your first marathon goes exactly as planned, or you crash and burn, you can always learn something. Here's what Andrew Simmons wishes he'd known from the start.

sweat rate

How to Calculate Your Sweat Rate


Determining your sweat rate is the first step to creating a successful hydration strategy. Here's how sweat rate testing works, and why it's so important.

TrainingPeaks Announces Subjective Feedback Feature


No matter how data-driven you or your coach may be, subjective feedback can place your quantitative data in context and help guide future training.

Speed Work vs. Endurance Running


You need both speed work and endurance running to build your fitness, and to refine your running form. Here's how to work on each.

salty sweater

6 Signs You Might be a Salty Sweater


Most athletes inherently understand their sweat rate, but sweat concentration can be a little trickier. These six signs suggest you're a salty sweater and might need to adjust your hydration plans accordingly.

strength and mobility

Are Strength and Mobility Holding You Back?


Find out if mobility and strength imbalances are limiting your performance, and try these two easy stretches to help unlock your potential.

A Firsthand Account of Rotator Cuff Injury and Prevention


Find out what happens after a rotator cuff injury, and how to prevent it happening to you. Spoiler: shoulder strength and mobility are key.

How to Avoid Letting Social Pressure Derail Your Training


Every athlete experiences social pressure in training and racing, often to their detriment. Here's how to become impervious to race FOMO, training anxiety, and even gear envy.

VIDEO: GTN Presents- How to Do a Post-Race Analysis


In the latest episode of Triathlon Training Explained, they discuss how to do a proper post-race analysis, and why doing them after both good and bad races is vital to performance success.

training goals

Do Your Goals Need a Mid-Season Reset?


Coach Laura Marcoux defines three important types of training goals, and gives us a process for honestly checking in mid-season to see if you need a reset.

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