The Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice for Endurance Athletes


Endurance athletes are constantly searching for new methods that will help them to train more effectively. Coach Lynda Wallenfels explains the many benefits of tart cherry juice and gives dosage recommendations for maximum effectiveness.

The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Protein


Along with carbohydrates, endurance athletes need protein to stay healthy. Coach Taylor Thomas explains why and how much protein you need, the different types, and how protein intake may be beneficial during your training and racing.

Race Preview: IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships


The IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships will see the top professional triathletes battling to take the title of World Champion. Best Bike Split Chief Scientist Ryan Cooper breaks down the course, the weather, and the power from top athletes and offers his predictions on who will take home the crown.

The Dangers of Hyponatremia


Low sodium levels, known as Hyponatremia, is more common that many athletes realize. The effects range from a decrease performance to potentially fatal if left uncontrolled. Learn more from hydration expert Andy Blow about this condition and simple steps you can take to avoid it.

Does Coffee Really Dehydrate You?


Coffee has long been known to help boost performance in endurance sports. However, many athletes worry that coffee will actually dehydrate them and cause more harm than good. Andy Blow, founder of Precision Hydration, digs into the facts about what coffee does, and does not do.

How Well do Different Drinks Really Hydrate You?


There is a lot of confusion around how well some drinks hydrate and how detrimental other drinks are. Sports scientist and founder of Precision Hydration Andy Blow explains the latest research on beverages ranging from tea and beer to milk and hydration products.

How the SEG Racing Academy Uses Data to Develop Riders


With a focus on developing the next group of World Tour riders, the SEG Racing Academy works hard to make sure that each rider gets the individual training they need to reach their goal. Read more about how the team managers and coaches are able to tailor each rider's program to get the maximum from their training.

Video: Hydration and Performance From Allen Lim


Every endurance athlete knows the importance of staying hydrated in training and racing. However, staying hydrated is more complicated than simply drinking water. Hydration expert Allen Lim discusses the mechanics of hydration, the performance effects of proper hydration, and more.

4 Tips to Becoming a Better Criterium Racer


Racing strong at your next criterium takes more than just being fit. Experienced Cat 1 racer and cycling coach Sofia Marin offers straightforward race-day tips to boost your crit performance. See how making small adjustments to your pre-race preparation, positioning, and finishing strategy can help take your racing to the next level.

3 Recipes for Increased Recovery


Recovering well from a workout is as important as the workout itself. The need to get in the right nutrients is the same whether you prefer whole foods or smoothies. These three recipes will help you replenish your system to be ready for the next workout.

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