Iron and the Endurance Athlete (1)


Is iron really that important for endurance athletes? How can you tell if you may have an iron deficiency, and what are some sources of iron?

5 Healthy Snacks For Triathletes


While your body "crying for calories" is often a sign that you *should* be increasing overall food intake, you need to be careful with the type of things you may be consuming along with your "healthy" snack foods.

Rethinking the 60 Percent Carbohydrates Rule


Endurance athletes are commonly advised to aim for a target of 60 percent of carbohydrate in their daily diet. Just how much merit is there in this rule of thumb?

Fat and the Endurance Athlete


Fat is the victim of an unfortunate name. It is all too easy to believe that eating fat makes a person fat.

Nutrition for Male vs. Female Athletes


An athlete's nutritional requirements will be based on the amount of lean muscle the athlete has and what the athlete is goal-setting for. As an athlete becomes leaner, his/her nutritional needs will change.

Caffeine And The Endurance Athlete


Caffeine is naturally occurring chemical compound that functions in the body mainly as a mild nervous system stimulant. See how it affects your performance.

How To Burn More Fat While Training


Eating a high-fat diet and training at lower intensities will increase your fat burning during exercise--but will it help you race better?

Nutrition and the Immune System


You don't have to get sick this winter. Eating right will strengthen your immune system and help you ward off colds and flu viruses.

Protein 202


You've already passed Protein 101, now it's time for Protein 202: five beyond-the-basics protein facts that will help you use protein more effectively to build muscle and even burn fat.

The Straight Dope on Salt


There a lot of myths about the effects of salt consumption. Here's the "straight dope" on the role of sodium in an athlete's nutrition protocol.

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