The Top 7 Reasons to Work With a Coach


There are many reasons why athletes work with a coach. We asked TrainingPeaks athletes to list the top benefits they have received from hiring a coach and here are the top 7 answers. 

How Athletes Should Review Their Season


Before you begin planning next season, take the time to review last year. Looking back at what went right, and what didn’t, can give you valuable insight into how to make this your best year. 

5 Exercises for Lower Leg Injury Prevention


Endurance athletes often suffer from one of many leg injuries that can be prevented. Performing these preventive exercises can help you stay balanced, aligned and out training.

Periodization for Ancillary Training


Periodization of your training is a key aspect to success. Not only do you need to consider your main sport; biking, running, etc. but also how to structure ancillary training like strength training and nutrition. Follow these suggestions to better plan your entire training.

Kona Race Analysis: Elite Age-Grouper Sam Gyde


Belgian Sam Gyde placed 5th in the 35-39 age group at the 2014 IRONMAN World Championships. We break down his swim, bike and run files to get the full picture of his day, as well as to point out lessons all age-groupers can learn.

Power Comparison: Podium Finishers of the Past Four Years


We looked at five power files from five top professional athletes, that have placed 1st or 2nd at the IRONMAN World Championships to see what they have in common.

8 Swim Lessons to Learn From An Olympic Gold Medalist


Four-time Olympic gold medallist Alexander Popov was known as one of the most technically proficient swimmers of all time. Here's what you can learn from his methods. 

Why You Should Plug In


Are you losing motivation with the change of season? Looking for ways to reclaim that get up and go? Now is the time to plug in your headphones and find your training mojo.

2014 Ironman World Championships Power Analysis


The IRONMAN® World Championships showcase some of the fittest athletes in the world. We took a look at some of the top professional men and women, as well as age groupers, to see what type of numbers they put out over 112 miles.

It’s Dreaming Season


It’s time to start dreaming again. After taking a look back on this season, set your sights on what you want to accomplish next. We encourage you to dream big and put a plan in place now to achieve your goals.

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