Six Ways to Build Power and a Smooth Pedal Stroke


To be a good cyclist you need to able to pedal smoothly and put down some Build a fluid and powerful pedal stroke with these key drills.

Josh Amberger’s IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship Preparation


One of triathlon's top cyclists, Josh Amberger will be giving it his all at the 70.3 World Championships next weekend. We checked in with him and his coach Cliff English to see how he has prepared for the big day.

How to Use a Late Season Race for Motivation


Use a late season race to stay motivated and continue improving your fitness.

2014 USA Pro Challenge Power Analysis


The 2014 USA Pro Challenge takes riders across the state of Colorado over seven amazing stages. Featuring high altitude, big climbs and fast racing, it is one of the top races on the calendar. Take a look at the power these top athletes produce during this tough week of racing.

The Effect of Racing at Altitude


The effects to your body when racing at altitude are higher heart rate and lower power output. Since you are getting less oxygen to your muscles your body increases it's heart rate to help bring in more oxygen which means you reach your max output quicker.

The Benefits of Cross Country Training for All Runners


Fall means the start of cross country season. Not just for high school and collegiate athletes, all runners can benefit from the training that is needed to take on a cross country course.

How Triathletes Can Balance Family and Training


Finding balance between work, family and training is a key to longevity in the sport of triathlon. Use these tips and strategies to keep getting faster while maintaining a healthy overall quality of life.

Preparing for Cyclocross Season


Cyclocross season is around the corner. Use these simple tips and workouts to get ready for a successful and fun season of racing.

Adjusting Your Goals


No one has ever had a season that didn't come with some kind of challenge. Adjusting goals is part of being an athlete and when you're committed to your goals, setbacks are temporary.

How Coaches Prescribe Workouts for Athletes


For athletes, knowing why you are doing a workout can be motivating. Learn the basics of coaching structure to better understand why you are doing certain workouts and get the big picture.

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