Why Swimming Makes You Hungry


According to Dr. Tanaka, a highly respected researcher, there is little to no scientific evidence that swimming is good for your health. Swimmers tend to be “fatter” than other athletes, especially ultra-distance swimmers.

Balancing Swim-Bike-Run in Triathlon Training


Endurance athletes, especially triathletes, are often pressed for time. If you have a family, a full-time job, or other key commitments in your life, it can be tough to fit in 8-12 hours of training each week.

Calculating Swimming TSS Score


How to manually calculate swimming TSS.

What You Need to Know About Swim TSS


Just like the bike and run, you can use Training Stress Scores® (TSS®) for swimming too. For triathletes this means you can quantify your entire training load and analyze you workouts in a more precise manner.

Book Excerpt: Fitness, Fatigue and Form


An excerpt from The Training Bible book series defining fitness, fatigue and form; and how the Perfornance Management Chart can help you build and taper for your "A" event.

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