The Benefits of Omega 3 Fats for the Endurance Athlete


Consuming Omega 3 fatty acids can help you perform to your best. Read more to find out why this fatty acid is so important and how to incorporate more of it into your diet. 

TrainingPeaks Acquires Best Bike Split


TrainingPeaks acquires Best Bike Split to help athletes and coaches predict, train and plan for race day. Best Bike Split uses advanced math modeling to predict your goal time and wattage, plan power targets for optimal training, and create a detailed race day plan.

5 Activities to Improve Your Running Form


Good run form has many benefits, including added speed, efficiency and injury prevention. Coach Jeff Boele lays out a series of exercises you can do to help you improve your form.

Racing Cyclocross in the Cold: The Basics of Thermoregulation


Staying warm but not overheating is a key component to racing well in the cold. Learn more about how you can help your body regulate temperature and be fully prepared to race when the temperature is low.

Your Indoor Trainer: To Use but Not Abuse


Done right, riding inside can be an effective and efficient way to increase your fitness. Just like your race season, planning for this phase of training is crucial. Use the following phases to gain fitness, strength and keep your sanity.

What you Should Eat for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving dinner usually means plenty of options to pile on your plate. There are many foods you know you shouldn’t have, but there also some good foods you can select. Use the following guidelines to have a healthy Thanksgiving.

5 Stress-Reducing Tools to Deal with Injury


Injuries happen. How you deal with them makes the difference between letting it get the better of you or coming back stronger. Here are 5 strategies to help you manage the psychological effects of being injured. 

Off Season Training For Triathletes


Not every athlete needs to take an off season. Instead, take the time after racing season to focus on other aspects of your training. Use these five tips from coach Scott Jones to manage your winter season.

Run Analysis of a Top Age Grouper in Kona


Gregers Christensen dreamed big in 2014 and set a goal of winning his age group at the IRONMAN World Championships. His race did not go exactly as planned, but he had the second fastest amateur run split. We looked at his bike and run file to see how he overcame adversity. 

3 Workouts for Effective Treadmill Running


Used correctly, the treadmill can be a great way to get in constructive workouts. Adapted from outdoor runs, these three workouts will help you get faster and allow you to track progress over time.

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