Pro Tips: 70.3 World Championship Bike Course


Professional triathlete Leon Griffin breaks down the Mt. Tremblant course and gives age groupers advice on how to tackle this difficult course.

An Update on WKO4


Many people have been wondering about the status of WKO4. I thought now would be a good time to briefly explain the delay and update you on its development.

Three Trail Running Specific Workouts


Getting out on trails is a great way for runners to break out of their road rut and still get in a great workout. Here are three trail specific workouts that will help you run faster on any surface.

Three Ways to Improve Functional Threshold Power


A rider's Functional Threshold Power (FTP) measures the effort they can sustain for one hour and is the single most crucial factor in performance. After determining your FTP, use these three workouts to increase it and get stronger.

How to Practice Open Water Swimming in the Pool


Open water swimming is a source of anxiety for many athletes. Practicing these skills in the pool will help prepare you for the open water and make you a faster, more relaxed swimmer.

Four Steps to Getting Over a Bad Race


If you race enough, you'll eventually have a bad day. Don't let it affect your entire season. Use these four steps to mentally move forward and turn that poor race into an asset.

How to Warm-up for Long Course Triathlon


Getting the right warm-up is the first step to having a great day. The following guidelines will help you determine the best way for you to be primed for racing.

Top 10 Tips For Your Best 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race


100 miles is a long way to ride a mountain bike. If you've signed up to tackle this challenge, use these tips to guide you to success.

Upcoming Webinar: Practical Use of the New Models of WKO 4.0


In this webinar, Hunter Allen, co-author of Training and Racing with a Power Meter, will demonstrate how coaches and athletes can use some of the new tools and power models in WKO 4.0.

Upload Workout Data to TrainingPeaks Using Device Agent


Looking for information about how to upload your workout data into TrainingPeaks or WKO+ using Device Agent? Here are some articles in our Help center that can answer your questions.

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