How to Dress for Changing Weather


As the weather changes, so does the type of clothing needed to stay warm for your ride. Follow these simple tips to stay comfortable and be ready for what Mother Nature may throw at you.

Three Steps to Having a Healthy Body Image


How athletes perceive their own body is critical to an overall healthy lifestyle. Here are three suggestions to help you have a healthy perspective of your own body.

Do Weather Changes Warrant Nutrition Changes?


As temperatures fall and the season changes, you also need to adapt your nutrition during training and racing. Read the following suggestions about changes you can make to maintain top performance.

3 Key Sessions of Craig Alexander’s Build to Kona


Three time IRONMAN® World Champion Craig Alexander gives a sneak peek into 3 key bike sessions he uses to prep for Kona.

Mix Up Your Running With Cross Country Training


Use cross country style run training to adapt workouts, relieve stress and possibly reduce the risk of injury.

Michal Kwiatkowski’s World Champion Power File From Quarq


The World Championships is always a hard race with all the top riders in peak form. This year, Poland's Michal Kwiatkowski soloed away in the final kilometers to take the title of World Champion. Here is a look at his Quarq power data showing just what it takes to the be world's best.

How to Ride a Pump Track


Riding a pump track is a fun and easy way to learn the skills needed for better mountain bike handling. Check out these tips on how you can go from the pump track to singletrack.

Lessons from Kona: How to Nail an Ironman Bike


We take a look back at professional and age group power files from the 2012 and 2013 IRONMAN World Championships to highlight the elements that make up a successful IRONMAN® bike. You can use these same principles to have a successful ride at your next race.

Analysis of an Interval Run


After focusing on the marathon, elite runner Caroline Rotich needed speed to prepare for an upcoming 10k. Her coach, Ryan Bolton, gives an inside look into the difficult interval workout he prescribed, and discusses her execution of the workout.

IRONMAN Legacy Athlete a Role Model to Students


Some athletes look to inspire others with their accomplishments. For this IRONMAN athlete, inspiring the next generation of Physical Education teachers motivates her to keep training and racing. With 16 IRONMAN finishes under her belt, she will be racing in Kona for the first time.

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