Run Analysis: 2015 Boston Marathon Winner


Harambee Project athlete Caroline Rotich won the 119th Boston Marathon in a thrilling sprint to the finish. Her coach, Ryan Bolton, gives the details of her race preparation and analyzes her run to show how she won Boston.

How to Prepare for a 50-Mile Mountain Bike Race


Racing 50 miles on a mountain bike takes dedication and commitment to your training. Here are seven tips from coach Taylor Thomas to help you be ready to reach your goals.

4 Key Workouts for Criterium Training


Racing a criterium requires several key physical abilities. Coach O’brien Forbes gives you four great workouts to help you handle the demands of race day.

The Benefits of Year-round Coaching


Working with a coach over time is a key step to improving your performance. Here are the reasons why it works and how you can solve some of the issues that may be keeping you from using a coach year-round.

How to Minimize Jet Lag When Crossing Time Zones to Race


Flying across time zones for your big event can cause jet lag and hinder your performance. Fight the effects of traveling across time zones with these tips from Adam Hodges.

How to Use Critical Swim Speed Training


Critical Swim Speed (CSS) is simple concept that could improve your swim fitness, pace judgement and training motivation. Learn what CSS is, how to test it, and how it can make you a faster swimmer.

Using the Track to Learn How to Properly Pace Your Run


Using the track is a great way to improve your ability to pace yourself correctly. Use this workout from Todd Parker to help you get in touch with the right pace for you.

The Primary Muscles Used for Cycling and How to Train Them


Take a detailed look at which muscles apply power during the phases of your pedal stroke. Then learn how to build those muscles to help you ride faster and stay injury free.  

5 Tips to Qualify for the Boston Marathon


Qualifying for the Boston Marathon is a dream goal for many athletes. With qualifying times recently being lowered, it is harder than ever to make it to the start of this prestigious event. Coach Ben Rosario gives you five tips you can follow to reach the start line in Boston.

Food Fight: High Carb or High Fat Diet For Endurance Athletes


There are several different diets that claim to be the right one for endurance athletes. Focused on carbohydrates and fats, these diets each have their proponents and detractors. Nutrition expert Asker Jeukendrup explains why no diet is perfect and how you can fuel your training.

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