7 Pre-Workout Activation Routines for Better Performance


Activating your muscles before you start your workout can help you recruit more muscles and work more efficiently. Use these seven activation exercises to get the most from your body.

Getting Started in Mountain Bike Racing


For beginners, getting started racing your mountain bike may feel like a big step. Coach Taylor Thomas gives you steps you can take to begin racing and have a great experience.

Why Endurance Athletes Should Measure Input and Output Metrics


There are many metrics that measure your training. Some measure your output, others measure input. Coach Ryan Riell helps you understand the differences in these metrics and how to use them.

How to use Track Cycling Workouts to Increase Performance on the Road


Recently there have been many great track cyclists that have successfully made the jump to the road. Learn from coach Hamish Ferguson how you can take the benefits of track cycling and make them work for the road.

Perfect Your Marathon Warm-up


Runners have very different ideas of what a proper marathon warm-up should entail. Learn how jogging, stretching, and even yoga can be a part of your warm-up.

New Features and the Retirement of Classic


We have been working hard over the past two and a half years to transition from our old platform to the new. This move was made in oder to bring you a better user experience, faster speeds, and more features. We are now near the end of that journey, and on July 1st we will be retiring the Classic version of TrainingPeaks. Learn more about the features we have moved over, new features to come, and the features that will be retired.

Improve Your Stability and Mobility With These Simple Exercises


Adding in a few exercises to your routine will create a more stable and mobile platform for your muscles to work with greater efficiently.

Power Analysis: Ian Boswell’s 2015 Tour of California


Team Sky's Ian Boswell rode the 2015 Tour of California in a support role for his team. A strong all around rider who loves to climb, he ended up finishing 7th overall, just 1:23 back of the winner. Take a look at Boswell's data from every day and see just how strong this up and coming stage racer is.

5 Seasonal Foods you Should be Eating


Certain superfoods are well known to help endurance athletes increase performance. However, there are number of tasty seasonal foods that can help you fight the stress of training. Put these five foods on your grocery list to help your body stay healthy.

Power Analysis: 2015 Tour of California


At this year's Amgen Tour of California, we will be looking at the power files of Team Tinkoff Saxo rider Michael Morkov. Along with his comments from each stage, we'll give you an inside look at what it takes to ride with the world's best as they take on the Tour of California.

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