Choosing the Best Bike Saddle


One of the most common questions from cyclists and triathletes is how to find the perfect saddle. Learn from fit expert Mat Steinmetz how you can find the right saddle through the type of saddle, posture, and position.

Boost Your Performance Using Simple Baking Soda


Can a simple product found in any grocery store help your performance by up to 3 percent? Molly Bresslin investigates the use of sodium bicarbonate, or simple baking soda, as an ergogenic aid.

WKO4 Data Analysis: Luke Rowe Tour de France Stage 17


Team Sky's Luke Rowe had a very successful Tour de France. We used WKO4 to get a more in depth look at Rowe's data to see exactly what he did to help his team during Stage 17.

The Real Cause of Muscle Cramps


Cramping is an issue that many endurance athletes face. New research is being done that shows that cramps are not caused by muscles, they are neuromuscular. Dr. Bob Murray sheds light on this new theory that may change how athletes deal with cramps.

Overcoming Your Fear of Open Water Swimming


Neuroscience holds the clues to why open water swimming scares many of us. It also tells us how to do something about it. You can train your brain to swim fearless.

5 Steps for Coming Back From a Mid-Season Injury


Injuries are an unfortunate part of training, and when they happen mid-season they are especially hard to deal with. These steps from Derek Loudermilk will help you get through this period to recover and get back to training.

Power Analysis: 2015 Tour de France Week 3


The Tour de France pushes riders to their limits for three weeks. From fast flat stages to punishing mountain top finishes, no stage allows the riders to relax. We take a look at some of the power numbers produced by riders to show just what it takes to ride in the Tour de France.

Gear’s Thoughts: WKO4 Has Arrived


TrainingPeaks CEO Gear Fisher takes a candid look at what it took to rebuild a market-leading application from the ground-up. Twice.

Last Minute Tips for Racing in the Heat and Elevation at IRONMAN Boulder


For any triathlete racing IRONMAN Boulder on August 2nd, Coach David Glover has some great last minute tips. Read his tips to increase your chances of success on race day.

5 Simple Strategies for Overcoming Race Day Nerves


Every athletes gets nervous before the start of a race. Use these five strategies from Carrie Cheadle to overcome your nerves and have a great race.

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